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Our First British Christmas

On December 24th we both worked until 1130am. We got home after work and packed our bags for Christmas weekend. 
We headed towards Lincolnshire to spend Christmas with our friends who generously invited us to celebrate with them. Our other friend Plant Based Nurse happened to be going home for Christmas and so he was able to give us a ride close to Lincoln on the way to mom's.
We got to our friend's place around 8pm. We caught up since we hadn't seen each other since June. Then we took the dogs for a walk around the Cathedral.
 The Cathedral looks so beautiful all lit up in the evening.

A Taste of the Emerald Isle

After 6 long weeks of working we were back on another holiday break. This time we decided to go to Ireland. We've always wanted to go and the price was right. We planned the trip with another couple. We met them through the Birmingham Vegans Facebook group and we were looking forward to exploring Ireland together. 
We searched on Expedia for hotels and prices. We decided that staying in the city of Dublin on the weekend was too expensive and planned to be in nearby Bray for the weekend. 
We left on the 9th of December from Birmingham and arrived in Dublin in the afternoon. It was really windy out there so the landing was a bit rougher than we were used to but we arrive safe and sound. Going through customs was pretty simple as there weren't any lines. We found a Tim Horton's kiosk in the Dublin airport which was weird to see since it is a Canadian thing.

Don't Delay, Go to Bray, Today!

Our time in Ireland was going well.

The drive to Bray from Dublin was quick, especially compared to the coach ride from Cork we had just done.
 We were able to get a Dublin city bus to Bray rather than a coach. We got off the city bus directly in front of our next hotel. We stayed at the "Royal Hotel and Merrill Leisure Club" which sounds grand and it was.  It happened to be much cheaper than a hotel in Dublin on the weekend.

We checked in and went to see our rooms. This was the nicest place we booked in Ireland and we planned to just relax here.

Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect €200

We were enjoying our time in Ireland a lot.
We took a coach bus from Dublin to Cork. We honestly didn't know much about Cork other than it being the second biggest city in the Republic of Ireland. The coach was so much cheaper than the train. Flights to cork were cheaper than the train as well but then you have to pay for transport to the airport. We decided that taking the coach was the best way to go. The bus ride was 3 hours long and was only 11 euros each.
The Irish countryside looked very nice.

Glasgow: The Return. This time we mean business!

For the weekend Dec 4-6th, we did an epic road trip to Glasgow, Scotland with a couple of our vegan friends (12yearsavegan and The Vegan Engineer aka Deadpan Vegan) from Birmingham.
They picked us up around 4pm Friday and we made our 5 hour journey through England and into Scotland. We had looked into train tickets for the 4 of us and it was super expensive! In fact every time we check trains to Scotland they are always really expensive. This is why we decided to rent a car. Between the 4 of us, it ended up being a 1/3rd of the price of train tickets. Plus we had the added luxury and convenience of travelling by car. For this stay, we got ourselves an Airbnb. Check in was a little difficult, as the owner wanted more money for an evening check in than a daytime check in. (Even though it wasn't stated in his ad that you couldn't check in later) He complained to Airbnb about us wanting to check in late and not wanting to pay extra. Airbnb handled the dispute by giving the host…

Packing For a Two Year Adventure

Today's post is "What we packed to move for two years"

We packed two medium size suitcases and two regular sized backpacks and set off to England for two years. We basically packed the essentials. We made sure not to overfill our bags as we know we will be taking more stuff back to Canada with us.

What we packed:

two weeks worth of clothes each. (2 pairs of pants, 10 shirts, 14 underwear, 14 socks, (2 bras), pair of shorts, bathing suit, belt, 2 sweaters, jacket, dress, flipflops, shoes, toque)2 towels, 3 pillow cases, 1 book, journal, kindle, small laptop, sunglasses, reading glasses, notebook, medications, ipods, 1 cellphone, converters for the UK and Europe, chargers, camera, documents for doing Canadian taxes next year, barbering scissors and combs, french dictionary, water bottle, tea tumbler,Toiletries (Toothbrush, toothpaste, tweezers, nail clippers, nail file, polysporin, safety pin, lotion, shampoo bar, brush, deodorant, hair elastics, feminine products, )