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Food, Friends and Festivities.

If you missed last month's post, find it here: "Up and Autumn! 2015"
We kicked off the month of November with a wonderful pizza night with the Birmingham Vegans. Again, I probably say this every month, but we love this pizza (!!) and the great company that comes with pizza night. We enjoy how the Birmingham Vegans put on a monthly pizza night. It gets us out of the house and socialising with other people who have the same views as us.
One great thing we found out this month is that the Mint Crème chocolate bar at Aldi is accidentally vegan. It's a fantastic cheap chocolate bar for mint fans.

Why England? Why not?!

Since arriving in England people have been asking us "why would you move to England?"; Even people we meet that are from England ask us this.

Here's why:

In August 2014, we woke up and realised we weren't as happy as we could be. We're not saying we weren't happy with our lives overall, but we felt like we were in a bit of a rut.

We looked back at our life together so far to see what we loved the most about it; we kept thinking about our vacations. We came across a quote, "build a life you don't need to vacation from" and realised that we wanted to do that.

Why Minimalism Improved Our Lives.

Let's go back to the 8th of August, 2010. We were at the Travelodge hotel for a mini honeymoon celebration. We kicked back with a little "telly" and Hoarders the American television series was on. We were captivated by the episode that was on. The lady seemed normal, she just had a lot of stuff. One quote in particular that stuck us was "How could one person have five garbage bags of yarn in their closet" We looked at each other. There was, in fact, five garbage bags of yarn at our home. When we got home from our mini holiday, we took to getting rid of stuff we didn't need immediately.

We realised we were beginning to become hoarders. We would buy nonsense stuff just because it was on sale and we loved going to the recycling depot's second-hand store and filling a bag with junk for a dollar. The recycling depot would have all sorts of clothes, books, electronics, sporting equipment and furniture for really cheap which was difficult to pass up. One time …

Our Journey Through Middle Earth

Did you know that we actually live in Middle Earth? The Hobbit author J.R.R. Tolkien grew up in  Birmingham. Our friend Plant-Based Nurse was nice enough to show us around the sites in Birmingham that are believed to have provided inspiration for J.R.R. Tolkien's books: The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. 
First off we decided to visit the Hungry Hobbit cafe near Sarehole Mill. Sarehole Mill was a place close to Tolkien's house as a child which is how it came to be a source of inspiration for his books. It is the mill he had in mind when he wrote about the Mill in Hobbiton.

Up and Autumn! 2015

If you missed last month's post, find it here: "...And Working Overtime."

The months are just flying by for us. October really is a beautiful month; the crisp air, the fall leaves. In the beginning of October we marathon watched 'Better Call Saul' - It's on Netflix and is a  really good show. I've been unemployed for most of the month, so I've been focusing on my yoga.  I've been striving for an hour plus every day.  
Big news! On October 2nd, England had their minimum wage increased by 20p. Also October 5th, the governments put a 5p charge on all plastic bags.
The first weekend in October we went for a walk to Harbourne, we were on the search for new bedding. With the colder months coming up we wont be able to wash our bedding and have it back on our bed the same night. We don't have a dryer, so I'm not sure how we will be drying our clothes in the winter.