Mega Manchester Vegan Bus Trip

We caught the 10:05 Mega Bus to Manchester. It cost us £20 round trip for both of us. Such a good deal! The ride didn't seem that long which was nice because we didn't feel tired when we got to Manchester. With Mega Bus, generally the more in advance you can book your tickets the cheaper they are and they always sell the first seat for £1. The Mega Bus is super easy to book online and they run all over the world. You can even show the driver the confirmation email on your phone. We have had a lot of luck with Mega Bus in getting great prices on seats.

For this stay, we got ourselves an Airbnb. Check in was easy. Our host messaged us and let us know that he would be working when we wanted to check in. He gave us the mobile number to his neighbour, who let us in. His neighbour was very helpful, and showed us what to do in Manchester on a tourist map. He also told us, since we wanted to check out in the morning, that we could leave our bags and come back for them later. 

Manchester provides free transportation called the Metro Shuttle.
 Our bus let us off near the Northern Quarter which was convenient since everything we wanted to see and do was in the Northern Quarter. 

We made our way to Sacha Hotel where the Northern Vegan Festival was being put on. It was a good festival since the entry fee was low and there were a wide variety of vendors.

Jamaican food is delicious and is hard to pass up even though there were some other tasty looking options. 

We looked around then got some Jamaican food from St Best Caterers. It was excellent.

There were Palestinian protesters in this park doing a demonstration.
Street Market 

We went into one of the lecture rooms and we watched a talk called ''Animal Rights in Palestine: Challenges, Opportunities and Successes" which was on the Palestinian Animal League. This seemed like a bit of a coincidence since we just saw some Palestinian protesters earlier.

After the talk, we looked around more and got food.

We tried this Turkish stuffed bread called Gozleme which is a dish we've never had before. It was tasty. 

We walked around the Northern Quarter. There were lots of records stores on Oldham Street as well as vintage clothing stores. We saw a lot of cool looking shops.

The Northern Vegan Festival program said that V Revolution (a restaurant that was at Leeds Vegan Festival) were playing films on animal rights at the back of their diner. We headed there but it turned out they had said no to playing films as they didn't have any space.

We went back to the vegan festival and watched another talk ''How to Improve Your Vegan Diet, A Raw Food Prospective" 

It was really good and left us wanting fruit. She had made some salad dressings out of mango which were really good. The talk was more about adding more raw fruit to your diet, not going 100% raw. She was also a very lazy cook so most of her recipes were 2 or 3 ingredients. This was great for us, as we are also quite lazy cooks. 
The salad dressing recipes that she gave us were:
*Mango, spring onion, a date, blended.
*Avocado and cucumber, blended.
*Mango and tomato, blended.
*Celery and tomato, blended.
Afterwards we left the vegan fest and walked around Manchester more.

Later we made our way to our Airbnb. It wasn't the best Airbnb we stayed at, but it did the job. It was the most reasonable place we could find. Everything was fairly tidy but we weren't sure how clean everything really was. It didn't seem any worse than staying the night at a friend's house but it wasn't as clean as a room at a real BnB.

The bathroom was okay but not spotless. We didn't get to meet our host, as he was at work when we arrived. His friend upstairs let us into the loft. 
The next day we woke up around 10am. We planned out a day seeing more of the sights in Manchester.

Our host's flatmate was sleeping on the sofa when we were leaving and we accidentally woke him up as we had no idea he was there. When we told him we were leaving he said that he would hop into bed since the room we were sleeping in was his room. We didn't get the impression that he was going to change the sheets before hopping into the bed we slept in, which made us question if the sheets had been washed for us. We really hope they were. Anyway, we left our Airbnb and went for a walk around.

We wanted to go to a vegan cafe called Go Falafel but they didn't have any seating so we went back to V Revolution for breakfast.

Chinese Arch 

At V Revolution, we got a grilled cheese bacon sandwich, chicken burger, coffee, tea and a milk shake. Sounds like a pretty good breakfast. Vegan junk food at its finest. The chicken burger had macaroni and cheese on it.  


Next we went to the National Football Museum. It was FREE! We don't know the first thing about football but we do like free! ;)
Even these fish were getting into the football spirit.
There was lots of football (soccer) memorabilia inside.

Afterwards, we grabbed a meal deal and fruit from Tesco then headed to the bus station. 

We loved all the street art in Manchester.

After waiting at the bus station we caught the 5:20pm bus to Birmingham. It was a great time in Manchester and we will be returning again someday.

Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this post and want to see more of Northern England, check out our post on "Leeds Vegan Fest"


  1. Looks like you had a great time, I've never been to Manchester but you've shown me enough to want to visit now.

    1. Manchester is up an coming! You will love it. We had a great time.

  2. So many great features about visiting Manchester! The free transportation and the cheap to and from transportation seems to be the biggest plus of all!

  3. The vegan festival sounds really cool. You guys always find the best festivals to go to. I would love to follow you around a bit. That Air BnB sounds like it was a little, well unclean. I hope that everything was washed before you got there. Also, did you change your site a little bit? It feels different.

    1. We hope it was clean too!! :O We didn't get anything after staying there, so we are sure everything was fine. We changed the layout yes. :)

  4. I love reading about other vegans' travel adventures! All that vegan junk food is making me so hungry right now!

    1. Oh man, it was so delicious. We wish we were there now.

  5. Looks like a beautiful place to visit. I love all your photos. The food looks delicious to.

    1. Thank you. It was great and the food delicious!

  6. Wow looks like a great to visit. I really like all the beautiful wall art. The Jamaican food looks so tasty!

    1. We loved the street art as well. Manchester is full of it.

  7. That looks like a fun trip. The food looks delicious and I like the wall art.

    1. It was fun. Manchester is a great city. Full of artists.

  8. I never been to Manchester but I am hoping i will visit one day.


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