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Epic Cruise Through the Iberian Peninsula

We started off our adventure by taking the 8:33am train to Southampton. We were a bit tired from our weekend trip to Manchester but we were also excited to be going on holiday. The train was direct so it was relaxing to have no changes in London. We got to Southampton at 11:17am. Outside the station we Google mapped how to get to the cruise terminal and it ended up only being a 5 minute walk away.

Exploring Cartagena by Foot

We woke up pretty early for our tour of Cartagena. Our meeting time was at 7:45am so we got up at 5:45am and at 7:45 it was still dark out! Haha poor us, just kidding. We left the cruise ship with our group and boarded a bus into the city.

Explore the Heart of Lisbon on Foot and Gloria Funicular

Once our cruise ship arrived in Lisbon we walked off the ship and met up with our tour guide for a walking tour of the city. We got to wear those radios around our necks with the one ear bud. This is a surefire way to look like a tourist especially with the numbered stickers the cruise ship gives you identify what tour group you belong to. So much for blending in.

 We started the tour in one of the oldest parts of the city called Alfama. The streets and alleys are quite narrow as you can see.

Our guide told us all kinds of stuff about the area and it's history. The houses in this part of town have multiple families in them now and sharing the space with so many people makes it easier to afford.
We like the way that the buildings in Lisbon look with the different colours. There seems to be a lot of colourful buildings in Lisbon.

Notice the tiles covering the building on the left hand side.

Lisbon is famous for having tiles on their buildings which comes from when the area was cont…