Top 10 Places in Europe for Vegans

We asked a Vegan Travel group on facebook what their favorite place in Europe to visit was. We are planning our next trip and since we want to go everywhere its hard to make up the decision on your own. That's why I asked the group. I figured I would go down the list and visit the places vegans like in Europe. This makes planning a little easier on our part. I knew I could google any old Top places lists, but I wanted opinions of Vegans. When I searched for Top Places for Vegans, I was finding worldwide (Which is awesome, I've saved those lists for us to check off over time.) Attached to the top 10 places is the happy cow link to vegan places and restaurants in those cities.

Here's the list for top places in Europe:

Update 26/06/2016. We have now worked our way through some of the recommended cities in Europe. Next to the cities we've visited we have written some comments.

10: Madrid, Spain: Madrid was so vegan friendly that we had to choose which places we wanted to eat at, as we didn't have time to go to all the vegan establishments. Our Favourite place was B13 - the burger was to die for.

9: Barcelona, Spain : We found Barcelona to be very vegan friendly. If you find yourself there go to Cat Bar. Its a vegan pub that serves beer and burgers. We also liked Doc Trece, they have a vegan brunch menu.

8: Rotterdam, Netherlands
7: Krakow, Poland
6: Ghent, Belgium
5: Amsterdam, Netherlands : Amsterdam seemed pretty vegan friendly. We were walking past so many vegan/vegetarian restaurants because we had already eaten. We barely needed to use HappyCow because it was easy to find vegan food in the area we stayed in De Pijp. We found vegan smoothies for breakfast, pizza, hummus meals, and a vegan macro place called Deshima.


4: London, England : London has a lot of 100% vegan restaurants. We loved 222 Veggie Vegan, they have an all you can eat style buffet. Cookies and Scream in Camden market has the best soya milkshakes around.

3: The Hague, Netherlands : The Hague had a handful of restaurants that were vegan friendly but when we were walking around the Beach wasn't very vegan friendly. It was a nice place to visit but we were surprised it was recommended so highly as a vegan friendly place. Pack a lunch if you go to the Scheveningen beach.
 The Hague

2: Istanbul, Turkey

And the most popular place in Europe?

1: Berlin, Germany : Berlin is known as the Vegan capital of Europe and for good reason. If you look on Happy Cow there is an incredible amount of choice when it comes to vegan eats. There is also the chain of vegan grocery stores called Veganz. One pleasant surprise was the number of vegan and vegetarian Vietnamese restaurants to choose from. Aside from the stuff found on Happy Cow, there was a lot of vegan options at mainstream places. If you go to Berlin you're not going to go hungry but you might go broke trying everything.

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  1. Whooo glad to see Madrid made the list! And of course Berlin. Glasgow keeps popping up in conversations with different travelers and people we meet as an amazing vegan spot in Europe. Have you guys been?

    1. Yes, we have been to Glasgow. It is pretty vegan friendly! About 4 vegan pubs and few cafes. Delicious doughnuts can be found there too, at Kindcrusts

  2. WOOOT WOOT im saving this post for future reference! my husband and I are trying to plan a vacation but we were worried of not having vegan options in europe

    1. Europe is amazing for vegans. We have been exploring the area for two years now and have not run into any problems

  3. This food looks way good. I think I like the Netherlands food the best.


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