Animal Sanctuary, Tex Mex , Coffee and Cupcakes: Hillfields, Moseley and Kings Heath.

This weekend we stayed in Birmingham, it was a weekend full of vegan events! Yay! We love vegan events! 

On Saturday we went to Wolverhampton. It was about an hour bus ride from us. Once we got to Wolverhampton it was about a 10-minute walk to the Vegan and Veggie Community BBQ. 
Saw this church on our walk.

 We found our way to the BBQ. It was a yummy BBQ. Veggie dogs, hamburgers, salads, crisps, scheese and crackers, and cupcakes.
 Oh, and did I mention everything was free!!
 The BBQ went on for a few hours and there was a great turn out.
 After we left the BBQ we walked around Wolverhampton to see what it had to offer.

 We meandered around city centre. We saw there is a bar called the Cuban Exchange which has free Wi-Fi, something that's hard to get in Cuba.

The Cuban Exchange. 

England does not have a shortage of old churches. We always like looking at old buildings. The novelty for us hasn't worn off.

We saw signs for a record fair, but when we found it it was a £2 entry fee. Since we left our record player in Canada, we decided not to go in. There would be too much temptation to buy something if we found something good.

It was super hot and humid out, so we got back on the bus towards Birmingham and stopped at Tesco on the way. We bought strawberry and vanilla ice cream cones! yum! We haven't had these since before we became vegan. Now Tesco sells vegan cones!!!!!
Cheers our cones!!
They were delicious. Then we continued our journey home.

Sunday we set off to Moseley to catch a ride to Hillfield's Animal Sanctuary. We decided to walk to Moseley, it took us about 1.5 hours. The walk was beautiful though. It was a lovely morning for a walk.

We passed by St. Georges church on our walk. (This is the reason we choose to walk a lot of the time, plus we love walking)

It was nice and green on the walk. See? Birmingham isn't just a concrete jungle.

Our friends picked us up in Moseley and we all drove to the animal sanctuary.
Walking to the Animal Sanctuary.

 We went there because Hillfields Animal Sanctuary was having an Open Day. We were able to visit all the animals like this goat.

Petting a goat.
There were all kinds of farm animals in the sanctuary.

Sleeping piggies!
 They had some pigs at the sanctuary too. I freaking love pigs!!

We had fun looking at the pig and the other animals as well.
Now, enjoy some piggy snorts:

After seeing all the animals we went to the Mex It Up food stand. They are a vegan tex mex food stand.

We got some nachos, avocado slaw, and pulled jackfruit tacos. FYI, pulled jackfruit is pretty amazing. Try it if you have a chance. It's kind of the vegan version of pulled pork.

After Hillfields Animal Sanctuary our buddy showed us some cool places in Kings Heath such as this cafe. Kings Heath is another suburb of Birmingham.

These Owls are all over Birmingham right now. We went inside a different cafe to have some coffee. This is the original Cherry Reds. It's pretty cosy in there.

Our friend told us about how The Beatles played here at the Ritz Ballroom in 1963 or 64 but the building burned down recently.

It was a good weekend overall. We had fun hanging out and exploring the area around Birmingham.

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  1. Oh how I love visiting animal sanctuaries. I was in one in Florida not long ago and loved seeing all the healthy animals.

    1. Yeah they are quite fun to visit. We like supporting the sanctuaries.

  2. Wow those old churches are beautiful! Glad you got to experience that!

  3. I love your blog! It's always so much fun to look through the pictures of the places you've been and see what all you guys have been up to.

    1. Awe, Thanks Brandi. We enjoy sharing our stories.

  4. Awesome area. I'd be thrilled that it was free! I'm all about free.

  5. It looks like a fun filled weekend! I love that you explored the places as much as you could. The old churches are always such a nice view to see.

    1. Yeah, we like exploring. The old churches are pretty cool.

  6. It looks like you enjoyed plenty of good food! I would have loved to experience the food in that bbq! It sounds like there were so many food to try. I love old buildings, especially churches, they're so wonderful to look at.

    1. We had a wonderful time at the BBQ and we got to explore a new area. The churches are pretty amazing.

  7. Wow that looks like such a fun time. Thanks for all the great pictures :)

  8. Great place to explore and the food looks delicious. I don't know how I'd feel being up close to those animals.

  9. I'm loving the idea of a free BBQ. That sounds like fun even if it is vegan. Lol.

    1. It was a lot of fun! Who doesn't love free food.

  10. Every time I come to your blog I get the urge to quit my job lol. The food looks delicious though and I know my kiddos would love this place.

    Daisha Renee |


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