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Thoughts of a Wanderlust Vegan

I am thrilled with the amount of people we have visiting our blog daily. It makes me happy to share our journey in life. I thought I would take the time to introduce ourselves a little better.

We have been vegan for five years, and we could not be happier about our decision to better ourselves, the planet and the animals. It is truly the best decision we have ever made, it's one of those things in our lives that just makes sense. We love searching for new food/restaurants and we travel to experience what the world has to offer us vegans. When we research a new place to visit, we always search for vegan restaurants, festivals and events and it makes traveling all the more interesting; I am sure you have noticed that by now. We've hit up the Bristol Vegfest, Leeds Vegan festival, met vegan friends from facebook and went to animal sanctuaries.We love spending our time in the vegan world.

Animal Sanctuary, Tex Mex , Coffee and Cupcakes: Hillfields, Moseley and Kings Heath.

This weekend we stayed in Birmingham, it was a weekend full of vegan events! Yay! We love vegan events! 
On Saturday we went to Wolverhampton. It was about an hour bus ride from us. Once we got to Wolverhampton it was about a 10-minute walk to the Vegan and Veggie Community BBQ.

Summer Festivities.

If you missed last month's post, find it here: "Further exploration of B'HAM"

We returned to Birmingham after our trip to the Mediterranean. We resumed our jobs in city centre. One evening after work we met to go to the shopping centre the Bull Ring and saw that they had these the Big Hoot owl statues everywhere.  They all had different designs and they really were all over the city.

The Day We Hit The Coast: Portsmouth

After dinner on the Isle of Wight at a Malaysian Restuarant we caught the hovercraft back to Portsmouth.

Portsmouth is a port city which is fun to visit because of the walls and towers defending the city and because of the big dry dock with lots of old ships. The city centre is easily walkable but if you would like to take public transit this is the link:

The Day We Hit The Coast: Isle of Wight

In order to be able to spend the day on the Isle of Wight, we had to leave our house at 5am. We made our way to Birmingham City Centre and caught our train to London at 6:10am. We got to London around 8am and took the underground to another London station to catch our train from London to Portsmouth.

Using the Train Line website keeps booking your trains across the UK simple but they do charge a booking fee. You can also get tickets from National Rail without a fee but they will redirect you to the website of the train company that is operating the journey you chose in order to purchase the tickets. Depending on how you feel about paying for convenience it can be worth paying the booking fee to purchase all your train tickets from one website if you are buying multiple tickets.

The Trainline and National Rail websites both generate the cheapest times to travel and makes booking your tickets easy. We always pick up our tickets on the day of travel to avoid paying a delivery charge. If…

Inner City Circle - Clockwise on the 8C

Back in June we found a bus that went clockwise and anticlockwise around Birmingham. We thought it would be a great way to see Birmingham so we caught the 11C bus and did the Outer city circle. It was a great way to see the outskirts of Birmingham for a couple of people without a car but it turned out that there wasn't really that much to see on the 11C bus route. It still entertained us for the day nonetheless so we decided to do a similar bus ride again.
This time we thought we would take the inner city circle bus since there would probably be more to see on the inner city circle route. We bused towards city centre and then caught the 8C clockwise around the city centre near the Five Ways roundabout. To read more about the route you can go here. We learned that the route is dated back to 1899 and used to be called Birmingham City Transport.
We caught the bus by Five Ways and it headed north. This route must not be as popular as the 11C because it was not a double decker bus. Th…