Pompeii Excavations

On July 7th, we arrived in Naples, Italy. We left for our excursion at 8:15am and loaded onto a bus that drove us a half hour to Pompeii. We didn't really see much of Naples, we just drove through it on our way to Pompeii but we only had a limited time.

Castle in the harbour of Naples

Excursions through cruise ships are convenient since you book them onboard and they take care of everything for you. You could potentially save money by shopping around and booking your own private tour. Another thing to keep in mind is that with tours booked through the cruise ship they are more likely to wait for you before sailing away if a tour through the ship is running late.

Naples is known as the city that invented Pizza. Thanks Naples.

Cool roads.
It took awhile but our bus finally made it into Pompeii.We arrived and started our Pompeii tour. We had a guide that walked us around the city and told us about the history of the place.
When Pompeii was first discovered people raided it for valuables like marble and gold. This building used to have frescoes painted on the outside but was ruined by the people looting. 
Eventually people saw Pompeii as something that should be preserved rather than raided for valuables.
The size of the city was impressive.

Our guide was very knowledgeable and gave us the inside scoop on the history of Pompeii and what life was like for it's residents.
We listened to our guide tell us about this theatre.

There were so many tourists exploring with us on this very hot day.
We were walking around in quite a large group. We all got ear pieces so that we could listen to our guide easily while looking at the ruins of the city.
Pompeii is a bigger city than we expected. It looks like it keeps going and going. I guess we must have assumed it was small since it is an ancient city.
 Imagine what it looked like back in the day. We walked a lot.

See the white marble steps down at the bottom? Those are the only original steps. The rest were taken by people raiding valuables when Pompeii was discovered.

Can you see the shape in the rock? Pompeii used to be a seaside city before Mt. Vesuvius erupted. They had many sailors coming to the port and this is the symbol they used to point the sailors towards where they could find a "good time". Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more, say no more.

See how big this city is? Huge.
Here is our guide pointing to the carvings.
This is a wall advertising the goods for sale in the market.

Italian dog!

This is the exact same garden they had in Pompeii back in the day. The roots of the plants were preserved so they were able to replant exactly as it was.

More ancient symbols to guide the sailors. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more, say no more.

It is hot out!
 We had all forgot to put on sunscreen, luckily half way through the tour another tourist in our group gave us his sunscreen to use. If he hadn't offered up his sunscreen, I'm sure we would have all burned.

There was casts taken of the bodies preserved by the ash of Mt. Vesuvius. This is a baby.

This cast is of a man protecting his face from the explosion of Vesuvius. The church put him upright to make it look like he is praying even though it doesn't historically make sense.
This is a cast of a Dog. This one breaks my heart, you could see where his chain was because he was tied up and couldn't run.

There was a huge crowd to get a picture of the casts of the bodies preserved by the explosion of Mt. Vesuvius.

The tour took a total of four hours and we were brought back to the ship by 12:30. We looked around shops for mom to find clothes, but there wasn't a lot around. Then we got back on the ship.
Back at the cruise terminal near the castle again.
Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this post and want to see more of Italy, check out our post on "Rome on Your Own"


  1. i love to visit places which are periodic with lots of history...and this is one of those places i wanna visit :)

  2. I bet the pictures don't do this place justice. I had the chance to go to Pompeii when I was in Italy but I did the Vatican instead. Such a shame I wish i had time to do both!

    1. Yeah it's hard to decide what to do with limited time.

  3. This is so cool! I hope I can make it here someday. I love history.

    That penis on the ground made me giggle.

  4. Pompeii is awesome. Being there shows you exactly how long they had to react to the volcano. I loved the tiled floors that were still intact.

  5. Wow, this is amazing. It's sad that so much of the city was ruined and stolen though. I'd love the chance to walk through there someday and see it all.

  6. I have to go to Pompeii someday! I love visiting places with history : )

    xo, www.lovekimber.com

  7. This must have been an incredible trip! So much history in one place!

  8. What a beautiful place. You describe it in such detail that I feel like I'm actually there while reading. Thank you for such a wonderful post. I hope to be able to travel and visit there someday. So much history.

    1. Glad you felt like you were there! We hope you make it here one day!

  9. Apart from being a huge city Pompeii also looks like a very interesting place. Will take notes to see if I can make it there on my Europe trip. Shocking to see how they preserved bodies even a dog! Also those "ancient carvings" are so funny lol. Beautiful place though.

  10. It's awesome that you got to tour such a beautiful place! I've never seen Pompeii although it has always been on my list. I hope to see it someday soon!

  11. What a lovely trip to Pompeii! It's nice to hear that it's being maintained. It's such a lovely place and it would be nice for it to be up for years to come.

    1. Yeah, it was a wonderful place to explore. :) We highly recommend you go if you get the chance.

  12. Wow this brings back such fond memories. And it makes us want to see this amazing place again. Don't sweat missing Naples - it kinda sucks actually. You focused on all the right things.

  13. Looks like you really had a good time. I haven't been to Naples but been dreaming to travel that part of the world.. I'm so envious!


  14. I can only imagine what visiting a site like that would feel like in person. I was lucky enough to do some travelling when I was younger and I loved italy, but I never made it to pompeii. I think I might have to change that one of these days!

    1. You should! It was great! What other parts of Italy did you go?

  15. This looks like a nice place to visit and learn some history. I love visiting places that I could learn their culture and history.

  16. A trip to Italy sounds fantastic. It's rich in history and culture- not to mention the food! We studied plenty of Italian art in college, it'd be wonderful to get a taste of the ancient architecture in real life. Some day though, we would love to explore the ruins of Pompeii. Thank you for the overview!


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