Monaco and Monte Carlo

July 10th we arrived in Cannes, France via our Cruise ship. We had to take a tender boat to shore, as the ship couldn't dock in Cannes. Once ashore we boarded a coach bus to Monaco. Rather than just explore Cannes we signed up for an excursion to see Monaco. It included a bus ride and a tour guide showing us the way.
Port in Cannes.

Our Ship from shore.

 The drive from Cannes to Monaco was an hour. Our tour guide told us all about Monaco as we drove around. Monaco is a tiny principality with a population of 36000. Super rich people live there to avoid paying income tax and so they can wear expensive clothes and drive expensive cars without fear of them being stolen.

This is our drive through Cannes before reaching our destination. We aren't really sure what we saw, the driver was informing us, but it was such a quick ride that it was all a blur.

The views on our drive were spectacular. The ocean looked very blue.
Our bus took us to a car park where we all got out and made our way to the old part of Monaco.

We did a walking tour of Monaco which started at the Aquarium.
It was really hot out, but we enjoyed walking around.

We saw Jacques Cousteau's submarine. The Oceanographic Museum was nearby. That is why his sub was out front.

One of the first sights we saw was the Saint Nicholas Cathedral. We got to go inside the Cathedral. The Cathedral is where Prince Rainier III is buried as well as the American actress Grace Kelly. Our guide told us the story about how Grace Kelly, Hollywood Actress, married the prince of Monaco and became the Princess of Monaco.

Once we were back outside the Cathedral, we were guided to the Prince's Palace where we were left to explore on our own. There was narrow streets everywhere with little shops and restaurants that you could go to.

There is our tour guide, guiding us through the old part of Monaco. She brought us right infront of the Prince's Palace where they appeared to be setting up for some sort of event. That is the prince's palace right there.

There was a little train that tourists were riding around.

Here is a little video of the view.

Can someone just pinch us? Is this really our lives? It's hard to believe that we got a chance to visit Monaco. What a surreal place.

We left the shopping area and went for a walk around the park. The park had all kinds of different plants in it. Plus there were a number of statues. It was all very well maintained. I don't think Monaco has any problems maintaining their properties.

After a nice stroll through the park we met back up with our group and headed to Monte Carlo. This is the newer part of town where the famous Casino is located. Our bus drove us down to the waterfront and we all walked as a group up to Monte Carlo.

Our tour guide told us more about Monte Carlo such as the Circuit de Monaco which is a race track on the streets of Monaco for F1 race cars. One of the most famous parts of the track is the Hairpin turn. It's very famous so you've probably heard of it. She said that Monte Carlo is the newer part of Monaco that was built by one of the princes to be a destination for super rich people to gamble and buy designer clothes. This was meant to bring extra income to Monaco.

Our guide showed us the meeting point. We had some free time to roam around Monte Carlo and do whatever we want. This is the Monte Carlo Casino. James Bond went there a few times in movies such as  Never Say Never Again and Golden Eye. 

It was fun to see all the expensive cars in Monte Carlo and driving around Monaco in general. There were Lamborghini's, Ferrari's and other luxury cars everywhere.

Not a lot of shopping to do in Monaco if you're on a budget. All the shops are Gucci, Prada, Christian Dior, etc etc. Fancy Schmancy. We didn't buy anything except for some lemonade. The Monte Carlo Casino actually costed money to go inside. There was an entry fee. There was another Casino without an entry fee so we went in there instead. We aren't really gamblers though so we just looked around a bit.

At around 3 we got back on the bus and headed to the cruise ship. We arrived back to port too late to explore Cannes. Maybe next time.

Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this post and want to see more of our trip through the Mediterranean, check out our post on "El meu aerolliscador està ple d'anguiles"


  1. I'm so jealous right now! My husband and I want to take a world tour cruise when he retires from the military! Sadly, I'll just have to look at all the beautiful pictures for now! Your visit looks like it was so much fun!

  2. Your photos are absolutely beautiful! I'm glad you guys had such a great time in Monaco - I'd love to see the Cathedral.

    Loved the statues, too!

  3. These are beautiful photos and it sounds like al ot of fun

  4. Monaco is on the top ten of the bucket list, it looks glorious, and of course it's long history is compelling as well. I love that it was part of cruise, but I think I would want to stay longer.

    1. Yeah it would nice to stay but very expensive. I'm sire there is somewhere nearby in France that is more reasonable.

  5. Oh these places sounds like they need to be added to my bucket list! The cathedral is so beautiful.

  6. Wow, what a super experience! A cruise sounds like a great way to get a quick 'taster' visit of all the places it docks, spurring on the desire to revist and see more!

  7. Omg just love the photos!!! Monoco is definitely one place on my travel bucket list!

  8. Your travels sounds like such great fun. Love the photos

  9. Oh Monaco and Monte Carlo, these two places are on my bucket list. The photos are nice but I bet it''s nicer to see and tour the place in person.

  10. I visited Monaco last winter and the old town was beautiful but overall it gave me a strange feeling - everything seems to be so over-perfect and smooth that it seems that this place is only for the pretentious people who want to show off... I can see you are minimalists - if you love simple beauty, try to visit Albanian Riviera - my favourite! No posh people, authentic friendly locals, amazing cuisine and white sand paradise beaches that look like in the tropics :)

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! Sounds like a lovely place.

  11. Take me with you already!!! I'm already claiming it that I will be able to travel all over the world some day. And Monaco is definitely on the list. Your photos are beautiful!

    1. Hope you get there! Keep on dreaming and eventually make them your reality.

  12. I've never been to Monte Carlo before! It's such a beautiful place with lots of areas to explore. Monaco in the other hand will always be a must see.

  13. What a lovely views! I always wanted to see Monaco now I know it's really worth it to go there


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