The Mediterranean is a Helluva Holiday. Now I Need a Nap.

On July 4th, we flew to Barcelona to meet Mom and set sail on our Mediterranean cruise. She flew in from Canada and met us at the Best Western Hotel Alfa Aeropuerto. The reason we stayed at this hotel was because they accommodated three in a room and had an airport shuttle.

Air Transat had lost mom's luggage on the flight over, so we had to search for toiletries for all of us, since Mom was bringing them all. Our flight over was fine, although the website said to arrive 3 hours early and they wouldn't let us start checking in until 2 hours before the flight. We had dinner at the hotel upon our arrival. They didn't have a lot to offer for vegans so we had salad then headed to bed.

The next morning (July 5th), we called Air Transat to see what was going on with Mom's luggage and they said it would be on a flight the next day, and that they would get it to our next port (Naples) on the cruise. We checked out of the hotel and caught a cab to the cruise terminal.
Driving to the terminal

Approaching the ship!

We got to the terminal and checked in. We had to go to guest services to tell them about Mom's luggage so they could track it and pick it up on her behalf when it arrived at port. This was a great service to have on board as the guests don't have to track their own luggage and can enjoy their stay.

Our bed for the next week.
I walked to the mirror thinking it was the shower as the shower was the only thing I could see in it. I walked right into the mirror, saw myself and thought it was someone in the shower and nearly gave myself a heart attack.

After we put our stuff in our rooms we headed to the top deck for some breakfast and to find the head waiter to tell them we were Vegan. When booking the cruise we put in a request for vegan meals and they had placed a letter in our room telling us to go to the main dining room to put in our dinner orders.
View of Barcelona from the ship
 At 4:30pm we had our safety meeting where they tell us what we do and where to go in case of an emergency. Afterwards we continued to explore the ship.

Adults only zone, and pool
 We went for a dip in the pool and it was very warm.
There was a huge outdoor screen where they played films at night. We then got ready for dinner and made our way to the dining room excited for our first dinner on the ship.
Starter: Butternut squash soup
Main: Veggies and Tofu stirfry
 The main dish was absolutely delicious.
Dessert: Fruit
 After dinner we put in our order for tomorrow and walked around the decks.
Main pool deck at night.
The secret pool we couldn't access. (We are peaking over the wall) 
 After exploring the outdoor decks we headed inside to find entertainment.

Dueling piano bar
We went to the see some dueling pianists. They were a very humorous act. They played requests but most of the songs seemed to be Elton John and Billie Joel. Afterwards we went to the Casino for a bit then went to bed.

The next day we were at sea. The ocean was stunning. I love looking out to the water.

Played in the Game Arcade.
This was our favourite server. He took the time to learn our names and addressed us every time we saw him. He also gave us extra shots in drinks and free swag!
Bucket of Beer!! You saved $5 by buying the bucket.
We spent some time in the pool and relaxed. We then got ready for dinner. I forgot to take a picture of the starter but it was Mushroom soup. It was by far my favourite soup and we were so pleased with it we ordered it again for another dinner, so there is a picture later on in the blog post of the second bowl.

Main: Burritos
Dessert: Peach Cobbler
 They also brought me out a birthday cake but said I couldn't eat it because it wasn't vegan. I think it was meant to be a kind gesture, but it was disappointing. I'm not sure why they would bring out a non-vegan birthday cake for a vegan when they knew I wouldn't eat it. How awkward and wasteful. They didn't seem to understand the rationale behind being vegan.

After our evening of eating and drinking, we got ready for bed. Our room was turned down when we got back and had some sort of towel creature on the bed. If anyone knows what this is, please let us know - we have no idea.

Our first port of call was Naples, Italy. We went on the excursion called Pompeii Excavations.

It was a great tour of the old city. When we got back to the ship we looked to see if Mom received her luggage. She did not. We went back to guest services to find out where it was. We had to phone Air Transat again, and they said it was in Barcelona, then they said it was in Livorno, then it was in Rome and had been for two days... They couldn't seem to get their story straight and we had no idea when to expect it. They promised we would get it tomorrow in Rome. This was hard to believe.

We went back to the gift shop and mom bought a couple things. She was able to get some swim shorts so we got ready and headed to the pool for the rest of the day, since most people were off the boat. It was quite relaxing. We just relaxed and tried to not let the luggage fiasco bother us.

After "pooling" we got ready for dinner. I forgot to bring our camera to dinner. For starter we had Miso soup and the Main dish we had was a vegetable and tofu noodle bowl. It was amazing. We ordered it again later in the cruise and I did take a picture then. For dessert we had strawberry cobbler.

Then we wandered around the ship and found entertainment. We went to bed early as the next day we were exploring Rome!

Our second port was Citavitavecchia, we did the excursion Rome on Your Own.

Rome was such a long hot day. When we arrived back at the ship we showered and got ready for dinner.

Starter: Pea Soup
Main: Roasted Vegetables with rice.
Dessert: Raspberry Cobbler
Dinner was really good, as per usual. After dinner we walked around the ship, had some drinks and headed to bed.

July 9th, we arrived in Livorno, Italy. Our excursion was Pisa and Beach. We arrived back at the ship after the excursion. Mom got her luggage and was beyond thrilled, so we got ready and went to the pool for a couple hours. Then we got ready and headed to the theatre for the show called Legends in Concert. It was okay. They played it up as if we were going to see Madonna, Elvis and Michael Jackson impersonators. We saw Rod Stewart, Sting, and Gloria Estefan impersonators. After the show we ran to the dining room, as they were closing in half hour.

Starter: Mushroom soup
This was the mushroom soup from a couple nights ago. We ordered it again. It was delicious.
Main: Tofu noodle dish.
Again, this was the same noodle dish as before. It was by far my favourite. For dessert we had a raspberry cobbler.

After dinner we were finally able to relax.

July 10th we arrived in Cannes, France. France was absolutely beautiful. The excursion we did was Monaco and Monte Carlo. 

After the excursion we got some dinner. They sat us in the centre on the dining room which was kind of like being in a fish bowl.
You can stand and look into the dining room from two levels.

Starter: Butternut Squash soup.
 We loved this soup too, and ordered it again.
They brought out empty plates for us along with Mom's dinner. 
 It took about 5 minutes before they reappeared with curry for us, we thought the empty plate was quite funny.

Main: Vegetable Indian curry with rice

Dessert: Lemon Sorbet
After dinner we headed to the Fat Cat bar to enjoy the Epic Beatles. They were a pretty decent cover band and they were funny too.
The Epic Beatles.
They put on a good show and it was actually more enjoyable than the Legends in Concert. After the concert I was quite tired and turned in for the night. The rest of the party stayed up to watch Skyfall in the Atrium.

July 11th, Our port of call was Palma, Majorica, Spain. The ship wasn't to arrive until 2pm, so we didn't book an excursion.

We spent the morning walking around the ship exploring places we hadn't been yet. Also trying to attend stuff going on.
Pool deck band.

A chef did an ice carving demo
It's a Dolphin
We continued exploring and went into Bliss Lounge where they have beds to hangout on and go go dancer cages. A little weird for a cruise ship.

Lamp shade horse.
 Here we are arriving into Spain.

 We then went to the Mexican lunch they had. We stocked up on guacamole.
 Then we went back on the deck to watch the ship dock.

This is the third biggest ship in the ocean. A Royal Caribbean ship arrived in the dock too. Once we were docked we decided to stay on board and enjoy the pool. It was much less busy as lots of people went on excursions. We got lounge chairs right by the pool and just relaxed. We could see Spain from the deck and it was a beautiful day for a tan.

After a day by the pool side, we headed down for dinner. We dressed up and went to the posh dining hall for our last dinner of the cruise.
Starter: Mushroom soup
 We thought we would end our cruise with our favourite soup.

Main: Red Thai Curry

Dessert: Lemon Sorbet.
 After dinner we went and found the head waiter and thanked him for a wonderful experience in the dining room. We told him he really made our stay that much better. We then went and grabbed ourselves drinks and hung out at the pool bar.

The next morning we had to disembark. We grabbed some breakfast and packed our bags. We caught a cab to our hotel in Barcelona, Spain.

After a few days in Barcelona, we flew to London, England.

We made it home safely after our two week holiday with Mom.

Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this post and want to see more on cruising, check out our post on "Epic Cruise Through the Iberian Peninsula"


  1. Glad you guys had such a great time on this cruise! I've always wanted to go on a cruise myself but haven't yet had the opportunity - I'm so looking forward to my first cruise!

  2. I agree completely. Its my favorite region of the world with Southeast Asia a distant second. The food, weather, people, food and wine is all superb.

  3. What a lovely vacation! I love how accommodating they were with your food needs, but the birthday cake thing was definitely awkward?! I loved all your pictures, made me feel like I was part of it :)

    1. Haha. They tried but didn't really seem to understand.

  4. First of all, I love your mirror/shower story - too funny! It's got to be hard acclimating to a ship. I think it's great they were interested in accommodating your vegan choices, although I would have been disappointed by the cake too. Great way to celebrate your birthday though!! :)

  5. I'd LOVE to go on a cruise. One day, I hope. It sounds like it was a blast, and all that food looks amazing.

  6. Bah ha ha ha! THAT is exactly how I feel about travel. I friggin' LOVE IT -but man it's exhausting. I always tell people I am going to be gone LONGER than I actually go for so..... I have like 2 days of rest with no one around when I come home ;)

  7. This cruise looks like it is a great time. It is good to know that they do provide and accommodate vegan meals, they looked delicious!

    1. It was fun. Hopefully the vegan meals get better in the future too.

  8. There looks like there are so many delicious meals here , love the look of the tofu stir fry. Such a shame that they brought you a non-vegan birthday cake when you are vegan xx

    1. Lol yeah it was a waste. I think we gave it away to people.

  9. Besides the luggage fiasco it looks like you had a wonderful cruies. I haven't been on one yet but planning on a cruise real soon. I wasn't aware that you could make dietary requests so I'll have to look into this when I book as I've started on the Paleo diet. Richard B

  10. Sounds like an amazing cruise with lots of fun. And the food looked so beautiful and delicious. We would love to take a mediterranean cruise like this.

  11. There are a ton of food options onboard so it's super easy to find food to indulge on as a Vegan

  12. It is my dream to experience a cruise ship. I like that your itinerary is not that busy and there are times that you just relaxed on the ship. That was wonderful that they accomodated your request of vegan food and you did not have problems about it.

  13. wow! ive been on a cruise once the name is carnival sensation it was amazing practically the best summer of my life. Lets be honest half the food you post ill never eat but it looks great tho. The server was really kind normally persons dont take time to know no ones name because they have to deal with like a 1000 other persons

  14. Don't you just love cruising?! My family and I also did a 14 day cruise of The Mediterranean and loved that we got to spend time seeing new places.

  15. This sounds like an amazing trip. I haven't been to any but I think I'm going to enjoy it. It sounds like lots of fun. I love to go for a ship cruise someday.

  16. This sound like an awesome trip. I would love to go on a cruise sometime. xx

    1. Cruises are a lovely relaxing way to travel. We can't recommend them enough.

  17. It sure looks like a lot of fun! I miss going on cruises and this sure makes me want to hop on a cruise ship and sail away! The destinations are awesome as well. Sorry about the few mishaps on the food.


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