If you missed last month's post, find it here:"Two Week Summary."

This post it just to summarise our month. It starts and ends with vegan pizza.. and there is a little bit of pizza in between. 

On the 5th of May, the day after we went to the canals, we met up with our local vegans and went to a vegan meet up/pizza party at The Wellington Pub. The group is called Birmingham Vegans. We found them on Facebook and this event was open to everyone. 

Birmingham Vegans have a pizza night the first Tuesday of every month at the Wellington. The Wellington doesn't serve any food but they allow Birmingham Vegans to get pizza delivered from a place called Mr Singh's Pizza. We joined the event and put in our pizza order.We got ourselves a large pizza to share. The prices are reasonable. It was delicious and we met some cool people. We got the Sweet Vegetarian Pizza 

We spent the rest of the week job searching. On the weekend we went shopping with our flat mates, then stopped off at Cafe Soya for some grub which was recommended by a few people in Birmingham Vegans. We had the Tofu Skewers and a black bean tofu stirfry. Yum.
Tofu Skewers.
For dinner that night we made some potato salad, and it was too delicious not to take a picture.
Homemade Potato Salad.
One of us got a job, so we became even more occupied and not as free to adventure out into our surroundings. To celebrate the first week done, we went to Cherry Reds on Friday night. Their food is reasonably priced and very good.

This is the tofu and red pepper with sweet chilli sauce on a jacket potato and falafel and hummus on a jacket potato.

This is St Philip's Cathedral in Birmingham.
The next night we went out for dinner with the Birmingham Vegans to celebrate a birthday. We had just met everyone at the pizza night but we were welcomed into the group. We went to Cafe Soya. The dinner was awesome and somebody made a chocolate cake for us all to enjoy.

After dinner eight of us went into the gay village and went to a couple clubs to dance and have a few drinks. We got a free shot at one of the clubs.

The next weekend we went out on Friday night with one of our flatmates to celebrate all of us getting a job! We love Cherry Reds, and found ourselves there again for dinner and drinks.

The evening was very nice. We played 'Guess Who' and "Trivial Pursuit'. When we left the pub, a weird guy at the bus stop kept warning us about pick pockets and that we were a target because of our Canadian accent. He was getting awfully close to us and we began to wonder if he was talking about himself. We got on the bus quickly.

The next morning our flatmate and us went into city centre to do some shopping for her cruise. After a few shops we left her on the high street and headed to The Custard Factory to find food.

This walkway is down the middle of the street in the Digbeth neighbourhood of Birmingham.
 When we arrived at the Custard Factory we were surprised to see how cool it looked inside. I don't really know what I was expecting to see. The Custard Factory has all sorts of businesses and the building really did used to be a Custard Factory. Digbeth is known as the creative quarter and there is tons of excellent street art all over the place. Digbeth also has quite a few live music venues.
Guys hanging from the ceiling.

1950's hair salon and cafe

Outside graffiti

Lovely coloured buildings.

 We went to a place called Alfie Birds because I heard that they had vegan pizza... and we love pizza.

 It was really cool inside. They had yummy Vegan Pesto Pizza!

They had the most awesome board game store but we are trying not to spend money and buy things so all we could do was look!

This is the parking lot.

After we were finished exploring the Custard Factory we walked back to the Bull Ring to meet our flat mate.

We headed home. The next day we left for Bristol, which you can find the blog post to that here

We got home from Bristol on Monday night, went to work on Tuesday, then after work on Tuesday we went to Cherry Reds for dinner then headed to the Hippodrome to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. It's so cool being in a big city and having the chance to see stuff like this on a regular basis.

The show was amazing!!! I'm so glad that we went, it was worth a see. It's also a great book.

The following weekend we went to Dudley for a wander. It wasn't amazing.. but at least we can cross it off our list of places to see.
Wella building...
We went to the high street and saw a sign that said there was a 'Frozen Fair' so we went on search for it.

It was actually a normal fair with one booth that had Frozen songs playing... It was as if they thought "Hey, I know how to get people to come to our crappy fair that we never update and is the same year after year! We will have one booth with Frozen, and advertise that it's "Frozen Weekend Fun Fair"

We found a burnt building.. it smelled very smokey.

We walked back to the high street and took the bus back home.

We had a really bad wind storm and it knocked down our pole that held our clothes lines, and broke trees.

We went to another Vegan pizza night at the Wellington pub. This time we ordered a Vegetarian Pepperoni pizza with pineapple and green peppers. It was so good! I can't wait for the next pizza night!!
To see what we are up to next month, find it here: "Further exploration of B'HAM"


  1. Amazing dinner.It seems so tasty! I love pizza nights :)

    1. Pizza nights are a monthly occurrence here in Birmingham.

  2. That was a lot of delighful foods you got. The pizza was so big with lots of flavorful toppings. And the places was amazingly cool. Love to be there someday.

    1. Birmingham is a great city. It is very up and coming. With delicious food!

  3. You have had so many adventures in so little time. Cafe Soya seems really cool! I want a vegan pizza now!

    1. Cafe Soya is great. We went back many times. Mr Singhs is the best vegan pizza we have ever had.


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