Outer City Circle - Clockwise on the 11C.

The other day we were looking for a way to explore some parts of Birmingham that we hadn't seen yet and we found a bus that goes around in a circle around the areas outside of city centre. The plan was to ride the bus and then get off when we saw something we wanted to see. The 11C bus goes clockwise around the city and the 11A goes "anticlockwise". (That's how they say counterclockwise in the UK)

Luckily we got the front seat on the top of the double decker which was perfect for taking some pictures.

We went past the prison which I wish we got a picture of but maybe next time.  It took us a second to figure out what it was. which is why we didn't get a picture of it. It just said HMP.

People were getting pretty rowdy on this bus. There were fights breaking out between women with strollers, kids were smoking on the upper deck, people were yelling at each other and at one point a kid got on the bus blasting his stereo full blast which was pretty funny since people kept shouting at him to turn it off and he would not listen.

Lamborghini, right? Seemed very out of place in this neighbourhood. People just park their cars wherever they feel like it in England. Wrong side of the road facing oncoming traffic, only partially pulled over? No biggie. 

There was lots of green everywhere once we were further along the 11C route.

The bus seemed to be going through mainly residential neighbourhoods so we got a nice tour of houses and more houses.

We didn't really see a need to stop for anything on this bus trip until we saw this park near Moseley called Swanhurst Park. It was the highlight of the 11C bus route so far.

We had very nice weather. I think it was 15-17 degrees out but the wind felt pretty cold.
There were ducks and swans running around the park.

We had enough of those crazy ducks so we went to the bus stop. We waited for awhile to get back on the bus.

We managed to get the prime seats at the front of the upper deck again! Hurray for us. It was the middle of the day on a Saturday.

We'll that's about it. We tried to make it into one of those "hop on hop off" bus tours that tourists do but we only hopped off once. Luckily we didn't have to pay anything extra since we already have bus passes. The whole bus ride probably took us two hours total which is a pretty long time. There is a lot of cool stuff to see in Birmingham but unfortunately there isn't that much to see directly on the 11C bus route. This is not something that we would recommend that anyone do. Sometimes in life you have to take some risks and be prepared for failure. In this case lots of failure.

Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this post and want to see more bus routes, check out our post on "Inner City Circle - Clockwise on the 8C"


  1. I just did this with the monorail here in South Korea. two of my friends and I took the metro to the monorail and rode it to the end of the line in one direction. Got off and explored the area. We will ride it to the other end next time. Its a great way to see whats on the outskirts of the city.

    1. Awesome! It is a great way to experience a new place.

  2. Sorry the trip didn't end up being as exciting as you had hoped! The park was beautiful though - maybe next time try a bus that goes through the city instead of around it?

  3. True! SOmetime we really need to prepare failure because there is no perfect in life! Just enjoy! :)


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