Lincolnshire Adventure Meeting Childfree Friends

After the festival our Facebook friends drove us to their place and were nice enough to make us some dinner. We had delicious spaghetti with sweet potato noodles. Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture of the spaghetti but trust that it looked and tasted excellent. The next day we helped take their dogs for a walk in the cemetery.

The dogs were nice to walk. They are well behaved dogs.
The cemetery was an interesting place for a walk. It was a big one near a church.

Lincoln is so old that the is a Roman wall around Lincoln. This is cool.
Our new friends had downplayed how interesting Lincoln was to visit since it is a small place.

The Cathedral there is massive. It has to be one of the biggest Cathedrals that we have seen so far. We didn't go inside though.

It took awhile just to walk around the Cathedral it was so big.

The front of the Cathedral was impressive.

The old part of town was nice walking around with all the old style buildings.

We went inside Lincoln Castle which is the main tourist attraction in Lincoln.
We explored the inside of Lincoln Castle. There was a lot of open space inside.
There is a kids show called Horrible Histories and they were doing a live performance called Barmy Britain.

We started our exploration on the Medieval wall walk.
There was an impressive view from the Castle Wall.
Down to the dungeon we went for more exploring. This is one of the biggest castles we've ever been to.

I'd say the castle is the tallest building in Lincoln other than the Cathedral.

While we were walking around we were listening to the Horrible Histories performance which was funny.

We saw the Lincoln Magna Carta which you are not allowed to take pictures of but that didn't stop one dude. Nothing much happened to him though, they just told him not to do it again.

There was a prison inside the castle, they could have put him in there for his crime.
The prison was not somewhere we'd want to be locked up.

After the castle we met with our friends again and went out to a Vegetarian/Vegan Tea House called Pimentos which was pretty cool.
We both had the Sri Lankan Sweet Potato Curry.
 After lunch we picked up a foster dog that our Facebook friends work with and took him for a walk along the canal.

We all went for a walk along the nearby canal.

 After the walk our friends took us to the train station. They are very nice people and it was a pleasure hanging out with them for the weekend.

Our train trip was a two parter. Our first train was Lincoln to Nottingham.

Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this post and want to see more of Lincolnshire, check out our post on "Our First British Christmas" when we head back to Lincoln and visit our friends.


  1. This is so awesome to me! I'm a huge history buff so I'd love walking around and checking everything out.

  2. Sounds like a very scenic, relaxing and historical trip! I need a trip to Lincoln right now!

  3. The cathedral, the castle, the water, the dungeon, the views ... Ugh! I want to travel SO BAD!

    And that joke about the picture guy getting put in the prison cracked me up. This was a great post!

    1. I know right! So much amazingness to this city. We hope you get to travel soon!

  4. I would go to this place, when I have the money. So beautiful *_*

  5. You went all the way out there and you didn't even go into the cathedral?!?! I love all the pictures of the marvelous things you saw. I just love the old architecture. There is such a beauty to it.

    1. The trip was more to meet our online friends. :) everything was great though.

  6. So much history in a small area made for a nice long walk and a great self guided tour.

  7. I would love to visit that place sometime. I love visiting historic buildings, and this one looks amazing!

  8. I love going to cemeteries, so that walk would have been right up on ally. I think it's cool that you get to explore all of these castles and cathedrals, the history that they hold is just amazing.

    1. Such amazing history here. Very lovely place to visit.


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