Leeds Vegan Fest 2015

We took a trip to Leeds for the first time. Since we are always looking to go to vegan festivals to try new food we jumped at the opportunity to see Leeds and check out the Greater Yorkshire Vegan Festival. To make things better, some people we met off a child free vegans Facebook group offered to let us stay at their place in Lincoln. 

We woke up earlier this time so we didn't have a replay of almost missing the Mega Bus like on the Bristol trip. We got on the Mega Bus at 8:40 or so and were off by 8:55. The bus went from Birmingham to Manchester to Leeds.

The weather was a grey and damp but not raining thankfully.
The Mega Bus took us to the main bus station where all the buses go to. We got out and figured out where we were and where to go.
We got started walking around Leeds. It's not the biggest city so we didn't think it would take too long to see everything.

We spotted a church and headed over to see the inside.
As it turns out it is the oldest church in Leeds.

The inside of the church was decorated nicely.

We headed towards the Arcades. We were in the main shopping area of town.
Leeds has a pretty impressive pedestrian walking area.

We got creeped out by some dolls in the window so we carried on.
We didn't go inside the market but it looked pretty cool from the outside.

Inside the shopping centre there were some school kids singing some songs.

We explored around some more looking at all the old buildings around Leeds.

The have a couple Canadian streets for some reason: Quebec Street and Toronto Street.

We finished exploring the city centre and we needed to find the Vegan Fair venue. We had to use Google maps to find our way there.

It wasn't far. We made it to Greater Yorkshire Vegan Fest at the Leeds Town Hall.
We got in line at the "V-Revolution" food tent. They are a vegan restaurant from Manchester. We got a couple "Mini Mac's" which were really tasty. There were lots of other food stalls outside. One important thing that the organisers forgot was to make sure they had garbage bins. People were ditching their garbage on the tables at the entrance to the venue as there were no garbage bins anywhere. Note to future festival organisers: you need lots of garbage bins!

Aside from the garbage bin situation everything was going well.

This is the booth our Facebook friends were running for "Population Matters". It talks about voluntarily reducing the human population because of the environmental impact of the ever increasing human population (7 Billion and counting!) While they gave a talk on the subject we watched their booth for them. Basically we handed out free vegan condoms and answered the common question "what isn't vegan about normal condoms?" Normal condoms sometimes have casein in them which is a milk product. A lot of people were in agreement that the human population needs to be sustainable, others were blushing at the sight of condoms and there was one person that was against birth control that was not impressed by the condoms. We only found out about her afterwards because she posted all over Facebook.

The Leeds Town Hall was really cool looking. Nice ceiling!

From Leeds we caught a ride to Lincoln with our new friends and stayed at their place. When we left Lincoln we took the train to Birmingham which we booked on Trainline. We had an hour stop in Nottingham, where we did a little exploring to see if we wanted to return.

If you enjoyed this post you may enjoy our trip to Manchester where we went to the Northern Vegan Festival.


  1. Beautiful pictures ...I love the place..will definitely plan my next trip over here soon :) thanx for sharing

  2. This would be so cool! I'm not vegan but I'd still want to check something like this out.

  3. It looks a great places to visit and discover , thank you for sharing all those great pictures

  4. What a great and perfect spot for a couple this beautiful place. Those photos are so lovely.

  5. Wow, the architectures are so nice. I love the ceilings too! I think I need to head up in Manchester too! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  6. Loved all the pics and what a beautiful post. Now I'm stoked to go visit this place.

  7. Leeds sounds like a great place to visit, and the church was truly beautiful. You're right about those dolls though - they were creepy!

  8. You're lucky to have explored the place with your husband. The place is great, by the way. Wish there was more photos on the Vegan festival.

    1. Yeah, we wish we took more too! We were a little overwhelmed.

  9. This looks like an amazing place! The booth your friends have sounds really interesting. I haven't really comes across anything like that before about reducing the human population. Definitely a topic for debate I think.

    1. Leeds is great. With over 7 billion people in the world, we really need to start discussing the reduction of the human population.


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