Further exploration of B'HAM

If you missed last month's post, find it here: "Vegan PIZZA"

Another month in Birmingham has come and gone, and we have a lot to blog about. We've decided that we will be doing monthly blogs as well as a blog post for bigger trips. This post starts after our Pizza night with the Birmingham Vegans. We've both been working full time, Monday - Friday 9-5 and it has been amazing. I know I have written a huge Facebook status about how great it is to be on this work schedule. It truly is wonderful though. We have been able to get out a lot more and enjoy our evenings and weekends.

The only downside to working at prime time is rush hour. We get stuck in it going to and from work. Then we get off the bus with everyone else wearing business clothes.. it really makes you feel like you are somebody important.

 Another benefit to having a job, is that we went out with my work for drinks and dinner for a 'Team Meeting' ie. we didn't have to pay for anything! It was a wonderful evening. We had dinner and drinks at All Bar One. They have a selection of vegan food on their menu.
We got the "MISO KOREAN RICE BOWL (VEGAN) 8.50 With pak choi, broccoli, red peppers and sugar snap peas. Topped with a carrot, peashoot & sesame salad. Served with sriracha and soy"

The following day we spent cleaning the house, and I hemmed our bedroom curtains by hand.

 We went to the shopping centre after work one evening and bought traveller's insurance for our upcoming trip (stay tuned). It's complicated to buy insurance since most companies want you to be living in the UK for 6 months.

We luckily found a place that sells it to people who have been in the country for 3 months. When we called the insurance company to tell them about preexisting medical conditions, they told us it was actually a plan for people who have been in the country for 6 months but since we already paid for it they would honour our insurance.We did find another place that would do insurance for anyone living in the UK, with no restrictions but they were double the price.

On the weekend of June 13th and 14th we headed to Leeds for Vegan Fest and then to Lincoln with our new friends. The blog post for that trip is here
This photo was taken on the drive to Lincoln from Leeds. It reminded me of the Simpsons.
 The following weekend we went out for dinner with our flat mates to celebrate our success in getting jobs. We met up after work and walked to The Warehouse Cafe.

The Original Burger.

The Original Burger smothered in vegan mayo
 Dinner was amazing. We also started with the trio of hummus, but forgot to take a picture.
Where the car was parked, I liked the bridge.
After dinner we went back to the house and played the board game Mansions of Mayhem.

Then we had another eventful work week.

 On my lunch break on Wednesday I went to the Birmingham Museum with a couple of my coworkers. Another benefit of having hour lunches.

Buddha Gallery

 Staffordshire Hoard Gallery - This was some buried treasure that was discovered that belonged to the Anglo Saxons. They were known to bury their treasure.

 There was way too much to see, so I will have to come back.

 After work we went to Super Drug, I still cant believe some of the cheap prices here. Super Drug has lots of cheap toiletries that are vegan and not tested on animals.
2.30 pounds
 On Friday after work we walked towards each other so we could think of a game plan for dinner. We remembered that there was a place on the canal we could eat at. We saw it when we did our hike along the canal last month. So we went to the canal to find dinner.

Lots of Canada Geese
 We walked along the canal until we spotted Handmade Burgers.
We had burgers! 
 There was a selection of 4-5 vegan burgers to choose from. As well as sides and other dishes. This is pretty good for a non-vegan burger joint.
 After dinner we decided to walk along the canal before heading home for the night. It was such a nice evening.
We walked passed the Barclaycard Arena and saw that they were setting up for a show. We went closer to see who was playing and saw that it was John Legend. We went up to the ticket booth and asked if there was any tickets left. He said yes, so we bought 2 tickets. If you don't know who John Legend is, here is one of his popular songs 'All of Me'. We didn't really know John Legend that well but we figured, what the hell, lets check it out.
 The show wasn't sold out so our cheap nose bleeder seats that we just bought were upgraded to 4 rows away from the stage! We've never sat this close to a stage before at a concert. It was awesome.
 John Legend and his band put on a wonderful show. We knew more songs then we thought we did.

 After the show we walked along the canal to the main street to catch the bus.
 It was still such a beautiful evening.

The next evening we headed back to city centre to go to the tourist attractions.

Aston University

We decided to check out Millennium Point. It is right next to the Birmingham City University campus.

There was a mini Anne Frank exhibit inside Millennium Point. There is also a science centre called Think Tank that looks like a lot of fun.
Apparently this is a good spot to skateboard. Lots of skaters there but somehow none in this picture.

It was armed forces day and the memorial was open for viewing showing respect to veterans. There were some booths open as well of all the different armed forces. Thanks veterans.

The old municipal bank was open for viewing for one last weekend so we decided to see it while we still could.
This is inside the vault.

There was all kinds of stuff going on in Birmingham. The was some sort of history lesson for Armed Forces Day.
Inside the ICC. International Convention Centre.

Tea and cake

We walked the canals and got some tea at the Canalside Pub which has some vegan options.
Canalside Pub. Neat pub.

We walked along the canal over to the "Mailbox". The area is called Gas Street Basin. It is just an area with a bunch of restaurants. How many Pizza Expresses does B'Ham have? I was surprised to see another. Here let me google it. 4 in city centre and one near us in Harborne.
BBC has an office in the Mailbox. You can go on tours I believe and there is a little museum area with memorabilia from BBC shows.

The Back to Backs Houses are a National Trust property that you can tour. They are 19th century restored working class houses so you can get a glimpse into how people lived in the past.

It was a good month and although we saw some new parts of Birmingham I still feel that there is lots more to explore and am looking forward to seeing the museums, art galleries and the jewellery quarter. Till next time....

To see what we are up to next month, find it here: "Summer Festivities"


  1. Looks like you had a good time! The Birmingham Museum looks awesome!

  2. Ah stop! I'll go anywhere for good food! :)

  3. How fun! I've always wanted to see Birmingham - esp since I live in Birmingham Alabama! I've always wondered what B'ham England looked like, so I love that you shared all your pictures!

    1. Awesome. Maybe some day we'll see Birmingham Alabama too.

  4. all of the food pictures are making me hungry! It looks like yall are having a great time over there!

  5. The veterans building looks so beautiful. I love the history and stories behind old buildings. I'm so glad they have places that honor veterans.

  6. It's awesome that there are lots of vegan places for you to eat at in Birmingham. Looks like you've been making the most of your stay there as well. Great places to visit!

  7. Time sure flies doesn't it. You are really taking to your new home and everything it has to offer.

  8. Great photos! I feel like I was there! Also, the food looks amazing, NOM!
    Katja xxx

  9. looks like an interesting place to visit! i would love to be there somday


  10. Not only does your trip look like a blast, but that food looks amazing!!! We may not be entirely vegan or vegetarian but I do make a point to try and cook a plantbased meal as often as possible!

  11. Glad you two were able to get jobs and have that all straightened out now. Looks like you're enjoying Birmingham quite a bit - can't wait to see where you end up next.

  12. These photos show off the city so well, beautiful.

  13. This looks like there was so much to see and explore. I would love to be able to see it one day!

  14. Looks like you had an amazing week. You had so many beautiful pictures.

  15. The museum looks super interesting. Will check it out once I finally make it for Birmingham!

    1. Definitely and it is free entry. So you can't go wrong.

  16. I've never tried Vegan burgers before..hmmmm.. now I would love to try one. LOve your photos!

  17. You know that 'de ja vu' feeling you get when you see a place you visit so often in pictures. This post has made me appreciate my surroundings! And the food....oh wow! Thanks for sharing

  18. I don't normally eat at this early but your food pics make me want to start cooking early.


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