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Further exploration of B'HAM

If you missed last month's post, find it here: "Vegan PIZZA"

Another month in Birmingham has come and gone, and we have a lot to blog about. We've decided that we will be doing monthly blogs as well as a blog post for bigger trips. This post starts after our Pizza night with the Birmingham Vegans. We've both been working full time, Monday - Friday 9-5 and it has been amazing. I know I have written a huge Facebook status about how great it is to be on this work schedule. It truly is wonderful though. We have been able to get out a lot more and enjoy our evenings and weekends.

Quick Stop Over in Nottingham

Our train trip was a two parter. Our first train was Lincoln to Nottingham. We had about and hour in Nottingham so we decided to make the most of our layover and walk around. We quickly took some pictures.

Lincolnshire Adventure Meeting Childfree Friends

After the festival our Facebook friends drove us to their place and were nice enough to make us some dinner. We had delicious spaghetti with sweet potato noodles. Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture of the spaghetti but trust that it looked and tasted excellent. The next day we helped take their dogs for a walk in the cemetery.

Leeds Vegan Fest 2015

We took a trip to Leeds for the first time. Since we are always looking to go to vegan festivals to try new food we jumped at the opportunity to see Leeds and check out the Greater Yorkshire Vegan Festival. To make things better, some people we met off a child free vegans Facebook group offered to let us stay at their place in Lincoln. 
We woke up earlier this time so we didn't have a replay of almost missing the Mega Bus like on the Bristol trip. We got on the Mega Bus at 8:40 or so and were off by 8:55. The bus went from Birmingham to Manchester to Leeds.

Outer City Circle - Clockwise on the 11C.

The other day we were looking for a way to explore some parts of Birmingham that we hadn't seen yet and we found a bus that goes around in a circle around the areas outside of city centre. The plan was to ride the bus and then get off when we saw something we wanted to see. The 11C bus goes clockwise around the city and the 11A goes "anticlockwise". (That's how they say counterclockwise in the UK)
Luckily we got the front seat on the top of the double decker which was perfect for taking some pictures.


If you missed last month's post, find it here:"Two Week Summary."

This post it just to summarise our month. It starts and ends with vegan pizza.. and there is a little bit of pizza in between. 
On the 5th of May, the day after we went to the canals, we met up with our local vegans and went to a vegan meet up/pizza party at The Wellington Pub. The group is called Birmingham Vegans. We found them on Facebook and this event was open to everyone. 
Birmingham Vegans have a pizza night the first Tuesday of every month at the Wellington. The Wellington doesn't serve any food but they allow Birmingham Vegans to get pizza delivered from a place called Mr Singh's Pizza. We joined the event and put in our pizza order.We got ourselves a large pizza to share. The prices are reasonable. It was delicious and we met some cool people. We got the Sweet Vegetarian Pizza