Weoley Castle Walk in Harborne.

Today we set out to find Weoley Castle ruins in Harborne. It was an hour walk, which was perfect with the beautiful weather we were having. We walked through some of the nice areas of town.


 We even learned that you can play foot golf. We didn't know that was a thing!

 Google maps brought us to the back side of the castle ruins, so when we reached this path and Google said we were there, we were a little confused. We continued to walk down the path.

 Then we saw the ruins through the trees.
 Here is the entrance.

We learned about the castle.

 And so it turns out that Weoley Castle was in fact not a castle at all. It was a manor house with a wall and moat around it.

We felt like we had been cheated a little bit. It was still cool but not a real castle like we were hoping for. We have seen castles in the past and all of them are better than this one. :P

 After we left the castle we headed up the trail towards Castle Circle (Their shopping area) We went to the library and went online.

Once we were done in this area of Birmingham, we ventured on our hour long walk back. It wasn't so bad. When we got home we had some dinner and relaxed. It was then that our weekend went to hell. We smelled gas coming out of our floor boards and had to get that fixed as soon as possible. Our living room floor was ripped up. You can read about that fiasco here.


  1. Looks like such a nice walk! So glad you had a calm before the storm of a crazy weekend.

  2. Sorry you had such an huge thing going on at your house, and that the castle wasn't really a castle after all! It did look like it was a beautiful walk there though.

  3. Haha. I,too, would feel cheated. I guess, what's best is that you get to share the experience with your husband.

  4. Wow! what a beautiful area! Looks absolutely perfect for a walk!

  5. Beautiful post and beautiful pictures. You have given some great ideas indeed. Will try to make it to this place someday.

  6. those are awesome pice. i would love to visit sometime.

  7. The places you went to are beautiful. I hope you enjoyed it.

  8. Such beautiful scenery. I'm glad you were able to experience this lovely trip with breath-taking views.


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