Epic Forty-Eight Hours in London.

This weekend we decided to take a trip to London. We began our trip by taking the Megabus with our flat mate from Birmingham to London. It was a 3 hour journey at £8 each. Pretty long bus ride but luckily we had some music and podcasts to listen to.

We booked our hotel, "Britannia Hotel" in Canary Wharf ,on Expedia last minute. We were able to get it for £50 a night. 

Once we arrived in London. Our flat mate took us to Buckingham Palace. He's been to London before and had a better idea than us of where to go.

Buckingham Palace. If you look close you can see the guards that wear black bears dead bears on their heads.

St James's Park

Map of St James's Park

Big Ben and Parliament

Westminster Abby from the back

Check out the big guns

Westminster Abbey
Our flat mate had to go catch the train to Brighton so we continued our adventure in London by ourselves.

Downing Street Gates. No sign of the prime minister.

We were feeling pretty hungry from our walk so we decided to find a Vegan restaurant in Soho called Vantra Viato. It was alright but pricey. The food was by weight or you can get a "take away" box for £7.50. We ended up trying to put a little bit of everything in the small box which was a terrible idea once the stuff mixed together and it became a soupy mess. The flavours didn't mix well. Don't do what we did!


We watched a magician in Leicester Square that looked kinda like Kurt Cobain. He made a mouse and a cigarette disappear. I didn`t end up taking any pictures.
M&M`s aren't vegan but we went in anyway since we`d been to the one in Las Vegas.

Piccadilly Circus

After exploring we walked to my uncle`s work to meet up with him to go out for dinner.
Covent Garden

Neal`s Yard

Soho Square

We headed to a vegetarian restaurant that is run by the Hare Krishna's calle Govinda's. They have these all over the world. It was the closest/cheapest place with vegan options.

Vegan Fruit Cake

After dinner my uncle showed us how to take the tube to our hotel in Canary Wharf.

This is the view outside the tube station in Canary Wharf

Our Hotel the Britannia International Hotel.

We Skyped my Aunt and Grandma with my Uncle just to say hello and then we said bye to my Uncle as he had to get up early the next day We also skyped with our Moms a little bit but the wifi was terrible.

Day 2
We woke up and figured out the best way to pay for the tube is getting an Oyster Card thanks to an attendant in the tube station. We got unlimited travel in the 2 zones we needed for £6.40/day compared to a £12/day day pass. We started out the day by taking the DLR (light rail) to Greenwich market.

Exploring Greenwich Market

We got some brunch from the food carts Block B Falafel Bar and Ruby`s. These were the best falafels we have ever had.
We headed to Greenwich park to enjoy our food.

After brunch we moseyed on over to the London Eye to check it out. Surprisingly, it only took us 10 minutes to get through the ticket line up and the line up for the ride. We were prepared to wait an hour. This would be a lot busier during the summer.

After we went in the free 4D London Eye experience which was pretty much a 3D coke commercial that squirts you with water but it was free.

We took the tube to Borough Market.Which was crazy chaotic and busy but nice to see.

Southwark Cathedral

We stopped for Coffee/Tea and ate the cupcake from Ruby`s we bought earlier

Street musician doing Outkast - Hey Ya

We decided to check out some Modern Art at the Tate Modern

Hmm now this is a painting that deserves contemplation. (sarcasm)

Some of this art was total bullshit

We watched a street performer that was very good at making fun of people walking by.
His main trick was squeezing through a tennis racket. These photo look strange especially out of context.

Millenium Bridge

St Paul`s Cathedral

HMS Belfast
Tower of London

Oh wait, turns out it's called Tower Bridge and it's kinda a big deal.

We walked back to the Borough Market to go to a Sushi restaurant we saw earlier called Feng Sushi.

Crispy Tofu Udon Noodle Katsu Curry

One Canada Square.

Day 3
We took the tube to West Kensington to go to the vegan all you can eat buffet 222 Veggie Vegan.

That's my "I loaded up a second full plate" look.

Museum of Natural History

After a quick look through the museums we took the tube back to the bus station and met our flat mate to catch the mega bus back to Birmingham. FYI, 3 hour bus rides suck.

Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this post and want to see more of London, check out our post on "Who Needs the Hop on Hop Off"


  1. Wow, you've been to tons of fabulous places. I was here years and years ago so I'd LOVE to go back. I really am fascinated by the history of London.

    1. London is amazing. Such a huge city with so much to offer.

  2. What an amazing 48 hours to spend in London! I hope to go back some day, I was born on an Air Force base near there.

  3. I've never been to London before! The one picture that really caught my eye was Neal's Yard. This place looks awesome and so colourful! When I do eventually get there, I'm putting that on my to-do list.

  4. Your photos look great. It looks like you were able to cover a lot of ground.

  5. I loved your photos of Westminster Abbey, and of the Eye - those looked like amazing experiences! You caption about the art gallery made me laugh though. I'm pretty sure that would have been my reaction, too.

    1. Sometimes we wonder about art.. Glad you enjoyed the photos of Westminister Abbey and the London Eye experience.

  6. A lot of great pictures. London is huge and you got a lot in in 48 hours.

  7. Oh gosh, what a fun place to visit. I've dreamed of going to London but it hasn't happened yet. Your photos are the next best thing to being there.

  8. Looks like you had an amazing trip and to cover so much in two days!

  9. Number one on my travel list! It all looks so amazing. You're pics are great, kind of made me feel like I was here. Crossing my fingers for a trip either this year or next and now I know what I want to do and where I have to visit. Glad you're enjoying yourselves!

    1. Hope you get there! London is amazing! We've been back many times. There is so much to see.

  10. Ah these photos are stunning! London is certainly on my go-to places to visit :)

  11. Wow! I love how you utilised your 48 hours in our great City. Indeed London is such an amazing place. full of well.. everything really! Thanks for sharing

    1. It was very busy! We wanted to see it all. We were very excited.

  12. Everything is lovely, as expected! I think it's nice that you got to go to London and just have fun. The architecture is always stunning there, especially the key buildings, like the Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.

  13. So many beautiful photos. It reminds me of my trip to London.

  14. amazing pictures.London is in my bucketlist and when i plan for it i will defintely stop on your blog :)

  15. I saw all this places but not in 48 hours. You visited a lot of places and you saw most important places in London well done:)

  16. I love this city and am a very happy resident :) Can't wait for my international friends to come over and do sightseeing again here. Your pictures show how much fun it can be to a tourist in your own city :)

    1. They will love it! We always try and be a tourist in our own home.


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