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Epic Forty-Eight Hours in London.

This weekend we decided to take a trip to London. We began our trip by taking the Megabus with our flat mate from Birmingham to London. It was a 3 hour journey at £8 each. Pretty long bus ride but luckily we had some music and podcasts to listen to.

We booked our hotel, "Britannia Hotel" in Canary Wharf ,on Expedia last minute. We were able to get it for £50 a night. 

Trashing the Place.

What happens when you smell gas in your flat? You call the emergency line! They came to our house within 15 minutes of calling! The guy pulled back the rug in our living room and smelled gas too, and checked the gas line and we had a 2mb drop. By law he had to turn off our gas. He wasn't there to fix the problem, he was just there to make the area safe for us to continue to live here. He also gave us a free heater so we wouldn't be cold at night. The heater was fantastic for heating one room.

The next day the manager of the maintenance team for our letting agency and a guy from a gas company came to check out the problem. They checked the boiler, no leak. They checked the cooker and there was a leak. They fixed that leak but we still had a 1/2mb drop. This meant that there was another leak in the pipes under the house. Trying to find a leak in the pipes is impossible so they would have to pull out the old pipes and put in all new ones.

Weoley Castle Walk in Harborne.

Today we set out to find Weoley Castle ruins in Harborne. It was an hour walk, which was perfect with the beautiful weather we were having. We walked through some of the nice areas of town.

Out Strolling the Neighbourhood.

Thursday, we got our package from the post office that contained out application form for our National Insurance numbers. We went to the library and photocopied the documents they wanted. Then we went home and filled out our applications and went to the post office to mail them.

After we went to the post office we went exploring to see what hotels were nearby for our friends and family to stay at. There were a few places they could stay. People could stay at our house depending on how many were coming to visit. During our searching we found a beautiful church. We stopped and took photos.

Living it up in the City.. of Birmingham.

This morning we were planning on filling out paper work to get our national insurance numbers to start applying for work. We didn`t hear Royal Mail come to the door (turns out our door bell doesn`t work) so we can`t get our paper work until tomorrow. We needed to sign for it.

Since our plans changed our flat mate and ourselves decided to make a trip into Birmingham city centre. The bus dropped us off at the library. After getting proof of address we were able to sign up for cards. The library was amazing. It was nine floors, and their goal is to be the best library in the world.

The New Neighbourhood.

Cheltenham was nice but it came time to leave and head up to Birmingham with one of our flat mates to claim our flat. We left Cheltenham on Good Friday which turned out to be an expensive time to catch a train at the last minute. We bused to the train station and caught a train to Birmingham.

Our Adventure in Birmingham, England

We got ourselves two-year working visas and we moved to Birmingham, England March 2015-2017. In this post, we share our monthly updates on living in England, and all of our posts in Birmingham. 

We also have a mini spotlight series dedicated to Birmingham here:

From High St to Montpellier Rd

Today we packed our things, checked out of our hotel and took the bus to Cheltenham. The Bus took about an hour to get us there. We thought about taking the train but the bus was simpler for us. I don't think we really knew how to purchase train tickets and figure out which trains to take yet.