Three Night Stay in Bournemouth.

March 22-25, 2015:

On March 22, we headed to a hotel in Bournemouth for a 3 night stay with an ocean view.

Since we were on a tight budget, we searched high and low for a budget place to stay. We were told that Travelodge was a clean, budget hotel. We booked it on their website and it was really easy.  Check in was very easy, but if you show up before their standard check in time then you have to pay a fee.

Luckily our friends drove us to the hotel so we didn't have to look into public transportation. Although if you were to use public transportation the website is here: - This link will help you get to Bournemouth, by air, car, train, coach or ferry.
Our room in the Travelodge hotel.

When we got into Bournemouth we were too early for check in, so we wandered around town checking out the sights. It is a typical British seaside resort town but we'd never seen one so it was all new and exciting to us.
The moon square.
views of our walk downtown.

Downtown's garden.

Took a walk through the garden downtown, it was beautiful, and full of people having picnics. We enjoyed just walking around as everything felt very new and different to us. It was cool to listen to everyone's English accents. We knew we'd have to get used to the way people talk eventually.

 Went to the arcade game room for some tea and to enjoy the beautiful day. We didn't end up playing any games probably as we were still aware we needed to not spend too much money until we were earning pounds.

It was very retro in the arcade.
pictures of Charlie Chaplin.
 We had a wonderful Earl Grey tea trying our best to blend in. English Breakfast would have probably been a better choice. It was served fancier than we expected. In Canada we aren't posh at all so usually it would be served in a metal teapot with a coffee mug.
 Then we headed back over to our hotel to check in.
The outside of our hotel
Our room for the next 3 nights with a view

 Our friends left us at the hotel and went on their way. We decided to watch some television, as we had free TV. We ended up falling asleep for the rest of the night. We woke up in the middle of the night and watched some TV before going back to sleep. We were still feeling a lot of the jetleg. We were a bit fascinated by British TV though. We didn't feel guilty watching so much TV as it was all new to us and we were just trying to assimilate to British culture.

 We woke up at 630am the next morning and decided to go for a walk. As much as we were enjoying ourselves we were feeling homesick and having second thoughts about moving to the UK. This is completely normal but we were a bit worried we made a huge mistake.

 We wandered down to the beach and walked along the water front.
Beautiful morning.

A map of the area we were in. Here we are pointing at where we stood.
 Continued to walk, passing a lot of hotels in our area. In the summer time when it is warm out this beach must be crowded with people. There was little shed looking things along the beach that people must own for their summer holidays. Do they sleep in them?

Down the stairs from the walk way to the beach access.

Look at those sandy beaches.
 The beaches were absolutely beautiful to walk along. It was especially nice that it was so early in the morning and nobody was present.

 We walked back into town to find some breakfast. We bought some oranges, strawberries and tea to go along with our PB and J sandwiches back at the hotel. We like making sandwiches and getting food from the grocery store to save money.

 We finished walking and headed back to the hotel, passing the beach again.

Mag Pies, apparently seeing two brings joy.
We got back to the hotel and had some fruit and sandwiches. Then we watched some more British TV. We watch Four in a Bed, The Sheriffs Are Coming, Come Dine With Me, 8 out of 10 Cats and Pointless just to name a few. If you haven't watched any British TV then you are missing out...not really but it is pretty entertaining.
 Later we headed back to city centre, and met our friends to go to the bank. We are used to saying downtown but in the UK they say city centre.
A hotel that reminded me of a B&B from Scotland we stayed in a few years back.
 We out for lunch at Pizza Express. They offer one vegan pizza called the 'Pianta', it was very good. It was a very thin crust and if you had an appetite you could eat one to yourself. We were under the impression that Pizza Express was a single restaurant. We didn't know we'd be seeing Pizza Express everywhere we went in the UK.
They split our pizza in two.

 After we had lunch, we walked around city centre. We shopped a little bit, and I bought a pair of pants. In the UK they say trousers instead. Pants means underwear in the UK. This has lead to some awkward moments.

Once we were done shopping, we parted ways with our friends and headed back to the hotel for the night. Watched some more TV, then had dinner at the hotel restaurant. They offered a veggie burger made with Linda McCartney's vegan patty. We had to ask for the mayo to be removed and no coleslaw. We got ketchup on our bun instead. Travelodge is pretty good for vegan options. Went to the beach to watch the sunset.
 The next morning we woke up and went for a walk into WestBourne.
Church on our walk.

Zoukinis - Vegetarian and vegan restaurant.
 We wanted to go to 'Zoukinis' for lunch, but they were closed. We wandered around WestBourne and got food at a grocery store. We bought a pasta salad from Iceland and cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and hummus from Tesco for lunch. I don't think we ever went to Iceland again after that.
 Then we walked back to Bournemouth to our hotel so that we could eat our food.

There wasn't honestly a lot to do in Westbourne aside from shopping and walking around. It was nice to see of course but we didn't have a lot to do.

I loved the way the vines were growing up the house.
 We didn't know if our room was cleaned yet, so we went to the beach to eat our food. There weren't any picnic tables but they had some park benches to sit on. We didn't want to just hang out in the hotel room all day.

The West Cliff Zig Zag, is the walkway that zig zags down to the beach. This was pretty close to our hotel. We ate our food at the park benches at the top and then went down to the beach.
Start of the West Cliff Zig Zag walk way.

Another view of the water.
Dark clouds rolling in.
 The sky started to turn grey, so we went back to the hotel. It started the pour, but we got inside just in time. We didn't have an umbrella or anything. The weather changed quickly.
We looked out the window after we got inside and it was hailing!! We stayed inside until it cleared. Any excuse to watch more British TV. Once things cleared up we went back outside. We really enjoyed being by the ocean and the beach.
 We went for another walk along the beach. There was pretty much no one there. This was definitely the off season of Bournemouth.

This is the West Cliff Zig Zag from the beach. 

Walking out to the water.
Made our mark in the sand.

 Like most seaside resort towns Bournemouth has a pier. We walked out on the pier of course.

There was a funicular up and down the cliff to the beach that runs in the summer.
Once the sun went down we went back to the hotel for the night. Our last night before heading back to Dorset. After our time spent in Bournemouth and getting some time to think and adjust we started to feel much better about moving to the UK. We enjoyed the beach, the city centre and the TV. We knew it was just the beginning but we felt a bit more at ease than when we first arrived.

Thank you for reading. The next day our friends picked us up and we headed back to Dorset. They took us to the New Forest. Check out blog post "Welcome to the New Forest"


  1. The pictures are amazing. it looks like an awesome place to visit.

  2. looks a great a place to visit, I love spending time in the beach but or season when it is empty, like your pictures also :)

  3. Oooh what a nice time! What was that hot air balloon in the park? Decoration? Light? The beach was nice lol, you probably could have done without the hail but that made for a nice memory. I had a friend post pictures of that elevator at the end of your post. I thought that was pretty neat.

    1. I'm pretty sure it was a hot air balloon for decoration.

  4. Beautiful pictures as always :) again loved the churches, the beach pictures were nice also

  5. These photos are great. It looks like a great trip

  6. How gorgeously quaint yet modern Bournemouth is; love your photos and how passionate you are about showing and sharing what you feel and see. Have fun as you continue on ~ safe travels :-)

    1. Thank you. Bournemouth is great, and we love sharing our travel diaries.

  7. Your hotel seemed to be in a nice, central location. I enjoyed all the photos from your trip and you just make me want to get on a plane & go on a beach getaway right now. I also loved all those photos that showcase beautiful architecture.

    1. It was a basic, clean and comfortable stay. Wish we were sat at the beach now!

  8. Great pictures, especially those from the beach! Looks like you had lovely time.


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