Introduction to our Blog.

Why did we start our blog?

We are a married couple creating a blog about our travels. We are from British Columbia, Canada and we are moving to the UK on a Youth Mobility Scheme Visa. The purpose of this blog is to share our experience with people we know and also total strangers that might be interested in our travel experience. Maybe you have a similar trip planned or maybe you're our parents, either way this blog is for you. We will begin our travels on March 20th, 2015, see you there!

Update March 30/2016:

We have been living in the UK for over a year now. We have written a reflection post about our experience living abroad. To find out what we have learn from our time in England please read our post "What We Learned in Our First Year Living Abroad."

Update June 8/2016:

We decided to do an updated post about ourselves. Basically, we started our blog to share our travels with friends and family. Over the last year it has turned into so much more. To read more about why we continued to blog and to watch our YouTube videos, please read our post "Why We Are Blogging"

Thank you for visiting our blog post, and enjoy.