30 Day Challenges

We love 30-day challenges

Here are the 30-day challenges we have completed.

30 Day Zero Waste Challenge - We did a great job in shopping for food zero waste but we might have gone a little half-assed when it came to completing some of the daily challenges. To be fair, some of the daily challenges were a bit too challenging or stuff that didn't come up for us in the month. The basic idea was improving our skills at reducing, reusing and recycling so we feel it was worthwhile.

30 Day Minimalism ChallengeAfter the 30 days, we didn't end of donating 30 items each. Yes, we narrowed down our 60 items, but some of these items we need until we move back to Canada. We will get rid of them then. This includes our bedding, towels and kitchen stuff. There are also a few items of clothing we will be donating before we leave. Such as PJ pants, old shirts and socks. We need to replace these items, but we will wait until we get back to Canada. We also have some clothing in Canada that may replace these items. 

30 Day Instagram ChallengeDoing a 30 Day Instagram Challange was fun and got us a lot of blog traffic. We got to hone our Instagram skills and thinking up blurps to write about some of our favourite travel photos. We probably won't post every day going forward but it was pretty fun. We will up our Instagram game from now on. We felt like we were apart of a little IG community.

Our New Years Resolution is to do a 30-day challenge every month.