Vegan Guide to Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is a city in Nevada USA that is world famous for casinos and gambling. Aside from gambling, it's a city known for flashy shows, luxury hotels, entertainment, and of course it has the nickname sin city. It feels strange explaining Las Vegas since it is such a well-known city. Even if you haven't been there before you've probably watched a TV show or movie where they go to Vegas.

Why You Should Go: Obviously Vegas is the place to go if you like to gamble but there is also a lot of other stuff to draw you there. Entertainment is everywhere. Even just walking around is interesting because of all the flashing lights and the themed hotels. Some of the hotels are really classy, some are corny as hell and others are retro to the max but it's all fun to see. Every day there are musicians, magicians, comedians, Cirque du Soliel acrobats, and many more performances. It's also really cheap to stay in Vegas since they want to get you there to spend all your money!

Getting to Las Vegas: You can drive there if you live close enough to do that. Driving from LA to Vegas sounds like a fun drive through the desert. You can fly into LAS airport. It's well connected to the city. You can even catch the bus there. For example, you can get a bus from LA to Las Vegas.

How vegan-friendly is it? We found Las Vegas to be a lot more vegan-friendly than we ever expected. It is especially Vegas friendly in Downtown Las Vegas it seems. There are a few restaurants on the Strip that have vegan options but the strip is so huge that the vegan-friendly places are more spread out than downtown. Downtown all the vegan options are more concentrated. There are also some vegan places in other parts of the city.

An Example of Vegan Food Available: 

Vegenation: This is an all vegan restaurant with all sorts of different styles of food from Vietnamese Pho to Tacos to Chicken and Waffles (Vegan). 

Nacho Daddy: This is a restaurant/bar that specializes in Nachos and they have a vegan menu. Their nachos are delicious with housemade vegan cheese and vegan sour cream! The choco cake was fantastic too! To die for you might say.

Market: It's literally a market where you can buy food but they have a cafe with tables so you can get all sorts of brunch food there. There have a number of vegan options on their menu with enough choices to keep you coming back.

Evil Pie: They have vegan cheese and you can custom order a pizza with vegan cheese. The vegan option they had for their pizza by the slice case had no cheese on it and you have the option to add vegan cheese to it. We went for the full pizza and we were very impressed with the size and the delicious crust the pizza has. We'd recommend vegan cheese, jalapenos and mushrooms for your toppings.

Flippin' Good: The vegan chicken burger is the only vegan thing on the menu but we thought it was definitely worth getting. It's all about the breading and the breading on this is amazing. 

Donut Bar: Holy smokes these donuts are awesome. Get there early as the vegan ones seem to sell out quickly. We got one of each of the ones they had that day but they are always switching it up.

Hussongs Mexican Cantina: This place had a vegan happy hour when we went there during Veganuary which meant that all the vegan options were on special. There was lots of choice of tacos, quesadilla, nachos and even delicious roasted corn! It was just what the doctor ordered and all vegan!
For more vegan options in Las Vegas check out Happy Cow which has a comprehensive list of vegan, vegetarian and veg-friendly places to eat. Happy Cow states that Las Vegas has 13 fully vegan places, 6 vegetarian and 115 veg-friendly restaurants. You're bound to find lots of great food while visiting.

Sight-Seeing Go to the Las Vegas strip to see all the famous hotels like the Bellagio, check out Penn and Teller for a magic show, see a Cirque du Soliel show, watch the Blue Man Group or hang out in downtown Las Vegas to see the Fremont Street Experience and tons of street performers. You can also go for a ride up the Stratosphere to see the best view of the city.

Where to stay: We would recommend staying in downtown Las Vegas at one of the many retro hotels. We liked the El Cortez. There are many hotels to choose from so check out the reviews before you pick and make sure the hotel is right for you. We picked El Cortez for the price, close proximity to vegan restaurants and because we like the downtown Las Vegas atmosphere.

Have you been to Las Vegas before? What is your favourite thing to see? Did you know it was this vegan-friendly?