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Charm Shopping in Skagway, Gold Rush Town.

Travel Diary:
We were having a good time on our Alaskan cruise and enjoying the fantastic scenery. For our second port our ship stopped in Skagway. It has a history of being a gold rush town and we had a little gold rush of our own going around to all of the jewelry shops to collect free charms.
First we went on the outside deck of the ship to get a view of the surrounding area and see what the weather was like outside. It was a little bit cold but that was expected. Off the ship there was a train you could catch to the Yukon which was not too far a journey. It cost more money than we were willing to spend but it does seem like a fun trip. Maybe something we might consider if we do an Alaskan cruise again. Skagway was a town that people would stop in on their way to the Yukon during the gold rush of the late 1800s.  This miner looks a little down on his luck.
All the buildings on the main street look have the gold rush era style but they are well kept.
One of the popular things to buy…

Vegan Guide to Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is the capital city of the Province of Ontario in Canada. It is also the most populated city in Canada. It has to be the most well known Canadian city around the world along with Montreal. It is sarcastically referred to as the "centre of the universe" by other Canadians. Is Toronto worth a visit? Of course, it is! We have no hate for Toronto and in fact, there is a lot to love about Toronto.

Juneau, Alaska | Mount Roberts

Travel Diary:
We went on an Alaskan cruise. It's a trip we had been planning to do for a long time. We've always wanted to see Alaska and the Alaskan cruises conveniently depart from Vancouver which is very close to us. For a variety of reasons we put off the Alaskan cruise but finally we made it.

The first cruise port we stopped at was Juneau. Being on the cruise ship was fun, don't get me wrong, but we were really thankful to be in a town and be able to walk around on land.
Juneau is a small place but it was chock full of tourists everywhere. The shops were pretty busy and there were mad deal on all sorts of stuff. We found some vegan dark chocolate that was delicious. We always search out the best vegan options and sometimes that happens to be dark chocolate. Sea Salt sounded like a bizarre flavour but it was delicious. You have to try it. There were other cruise ships in port so not just our ship. Here we are in front of two ships that aren't ours. We had to take a…

Giving Thanks and Being Festive

If you missed last month's update, find it here: "The Spookiest Time of the Year"

We have been trying to stay busy and creating a work-life balance for ourselves. We have managed to have most Saturdays off with each other and we try and do something.

We were sitting around wondering what to do and then we saw on Facebook that there was a fundraiser event for RASTA that had vegan food. RASTA is an animal sanctuary. It stands for Rescue And Sanctuary for Threatened Animals. It was the 3rd annual Dixie for Rasta Fundraiser. There was a Dixie-style band playing the event called Free Radicals Dixie Band. The fundraiser was a lot of fun. 
We also heard about vegan Baileys, so we went out and got some! While we were out shopping, we noticed that there was a mini TESCO section in the grocery store. Not a lot of it was vegan products, but fingers crossed they bring in the free from section! Oh and my hair is getting super long, we can share it now. This month our vegan guide is f…