In Awe of Niagara Falls, Ontario

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Our cross Canada Road trip hit an important moment. We made it to Niagara Falls. It's one of the main sites of Ontario and Canada. It's been on our bucket list forever. When we were in the UK people we met that had travelled to Canada would say, "Oh you're from Canada? I've been to Canada. I saw Toronto and Niagara Falls". We figure the hype can't be for nothing, Niagara Falls must be a worthwhile stop.
All our fatigue and anxiety from the road trip disappeared the minute we made it to Niagara Falls. During some of the long drives and the grind of setting up and taking down camp, we had started questioning the decision to drive across Canada. We knew it was far but plenty of other people have done it so why not us?
Seeing Niagara Falls made it clear that we made the right choice and the road trip was a good idea.
We didn't know a lot about Niagara Falls the city. All we knew was that Niagara Falls is a gigantic waterfall. There are lots of tall buildings around. They are mostly hotels catering to the tourists wanting to visit the falls.
We managed to find parking. There is a lot of places to park but it is quite the busy place so finding a space is a challenge unless you go to the huge parking lot like we did. We paid the $18 to park for the day and then walked over to the falls.
There were loads of people around and we were all enjoying the day and getting tons of pictures of Niagara Falls.
We were impressed with the falls. We've seen lots of pictures before but it is something you need to see in person to be impressed by the size.
We tried to get the best pictures we could and some of them turned out great. Still, you absolutely need to go to Niagara Falls to believe how massive it is.

We walked along the walkway and took pictures for quite awhile. I mean, we paid $18 to park the car so we might as well make sure we got some decent pictures for our memories right?

How much more can I say about the falls? They are huge. Tons of people come to see them every year. The other side of the falls is the USA. New York State. The Canadian side supposedly has a better view of the falls. We can't honestly say as we didn't go over there but it seems likely as we had a clear view of the falls.
There are companies that offer boat rides up to the falls. You get to wear a poncho since you will get soaked.

The falls make those boats look tiny.

There is even a tower you can go up to get a view of the whole area. We didn't go up but you might want to when you visit.

Funny story, when we first drove into Niagara Falls we saw this waterfall and we were impressed. We said woah it's huge and then we kept driving and saw the main waterfall and we both went WOAH we spoke too soon!

The town has all kinds of crazy tourist stuff like Elvis impersonators, Rainforest Cafe, Ripley's Believe it or Not and a fair. It reminded us of  Vegas or Universal Studios or some other theme park. It's all on Clifton Hill.

We walked around for a bit looking for food. We heard that Pizza Pizza had vegan cheese but I asked and they had no idea what I was talking about. We settled for going to Subway aka the cheapest option. There was an Indian restaurant that looked promising but it was way more expensive than Subway.

The thought of trying to find a campsite in a busy tourist destination this late in the day seemed like it might be a little hopeless. We called a few places but they were all $50 a night for a tent site! We figured we'd look around and see what the hotels were in Niagara Falls and then we could stick around for the fireworks at 10pm. They were all well over $100 and plus we weren't sure how we were going to kill 5 or 6 hours in Niagara Falls waiting for the fireworks.
We decided to hit the road and see how far we could get away from the area since the campsite would get cheaper.
There was an epic rainbow over the water that we saw on the walk back to the truck.

We drove and drove. We were striking out with campsites all over the place so finally, we decided to bit the bullet and sleep in the Wal-Mart parking lot for the first time. We were a little bit nervous but the customer service people said it was allowed. Aside from a few sketchy people, we had to move the truck to get away from, the night was not bad at all. In all honesty, it was probably the best nights sleep we had camping so far.
Hopefully, you liked our visit to Niagara Falls. Stay tuned for more from our epic road trip across Canada for Canada 150. We went from Vancouver Island to Cape Breton so there is still so much more we will be posting in the future.


  1. Have seen Niagara Falls from the US, but never thought about it from Canada. It goes on my list for a Canadian trip.


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