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Girls Day: Parksville Beach, Coombs, and Englishmen River Falls.

Travel Diary
Since we have been back on Vancouver Island, we have both been working full-time. Leaving us with no time together to explore. Luckily, there are people in my life that are off during the week and can go exploring. This is our Girls Day up the island. My aunt, cousin, mother and I all went for a drive north. 
We stopped at Subway along the way to grab some lunch. (Vegans can get a veggie or falafel sub on Italian. Instead of cheese add Guacamole. Get all the veggies, some mustard and the house sauce) We went to Parksville Beach to enjoy our lunch.
Parksville Beach is quite a popular place to be any time of year. It's just so beautiful. There was a lot of kids swimming, picnics and people flying kites. Next to the beach is a water park with food vendors as well. There is also a large field to kick around a soccer ball or something. You can easily spend the whole day here.
But that's not what we had in store. We finished our sandwiches, got our pictures and hit the …

Lake Superior Tour

Travel Diary
We carried on our cross Canada Road trip leaving Wabagoon and driving towards Lake Superior. We've heard lots of fantastic things about Ontario and the Great Lakes so we were happy to see, at last, all the beautiful scenery that Ontario has to offer. There were a few bumps along the way but we did our best and still had an outstanding time. Kakabeka Falls was an incredible sight to see. It's such a massive waterfall. In fact, it is the second largest waterfall in Ontario which is impressive as it is hard to match Niagara Falls in terms of size. We viewed Kakabeka Falls from all angles and so did a few other sightseers while we were there at the provincial park.

This isn't just a highway picture. That is Mount McKay in the background. Which is a great view point of Thunder Bay if you get the chance. 
After checking out a few overpriced and unimpressive campgrounds we managed to find a good one, the Chippewa Park Campground. We made sure to look out for ticks ag…