Riding Mountain National Park, Manitobia

Travel Diary

Cruising through the prairies we made it to Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba. There are so many great national parks in Canada and this one was great. It looks different than you'd expect from a park in Manitoba because there is a lot of trees. We went from flat prairies to being in the park surrounded by forest. 

In the park, of course, we found more of the Parks Canada red chairs for our photo collection.

The camp had a campground and the oTentiks as well. We were only visiting the park for the day as we were looking to carry on our road trip.
One great thing about the park was the nice beach.
There were plenty of people out enjoying the beach for the day swimming, playing beach volleyball, and hanging out in the nice weather.

There was a sort of pier/boardwalk/dock area that we walked out on. It was really windy.

There were more red chairs for our photo collection. It felt like we were going to blow away. You can see how windy it was by the waves on the lake.

There were red chairs all over this park. Some of the parks only have one set but others have many of them.
After a nice time exploring the park, it was time for us to get back to our vehicle Wanderlust Jimmy.
We drove through the park a little longer before heading East on our journey across Canada.

On this cross Canada we have been very happy with all of the National Parks we've visited. If it weren't for the parks pass we might not have visited so many national parks. We think the free Canada 150 parks passes were a great idea in promoting the parks. We aren't completely certain of the reasoning behind giving out the passes for free in 2017 but it must be bringing in a lot of people and promoting the parks. Whatever the reason this has been a great year for a cross Canada road trip.

Check back next week for our post on the province of Manitoba.