Big Day at Elk Island National Park

Travel Diary

While visiting our cousin and niece we took advantage of our parks pass again and took a trip to Elk Island National Park which was close by. We were not quite sure why it was called Elk Island since it doesn't look like an island at all. 

They had the famous Parks Canada red chairs so we made sure to get another picture sitting on them. We are trying to get pictures with as many of the chairs as possible on our trip across Canada. There is quite a few of them so we may not be able to get them all but we'll see.

These chairs were right near the Bison viewing area. There is a large herd of Bison in the park. A lot of the Bison in North America originate from Elk Island. Unfortunately, the Bison were nowhere to be seen.
We found a nice lake to walk along. Earlier we had tried walking on another trail but there were a large number of bugs attacking us. We decided it was best to find another trail and the one near the bigger lake was much better.
There was a boardwalk going out into the water which was a little wobbly but we managed.

The lake is called Astotin Lake.

The weather was excellent and perfect for walking around. Good thing we had our hats.
The lake had a golf course nearby that had a little restaurant. We stopped and got some lunch as we were all pretty hungry. They had some veggie wraps that were kinda expensive but did the trick.
There was another set of red chairs for our amusement. Two sets in one park! Alright!
We made sure to get a selfie of us all together at Elk Island National Park.
Walking around in the hot sun wore some of us out more than others. My niece and I fell asleep in the back of the truck. Here I am, caught sleeping in the back.
One thing we had looked forward to when visiting Elk Island was seeing the Bison herd. As we drove out of the park we looked over to a clearing on the side of the highway and saw a huge Bison herd. It happened so fast that we didn't get pictures of the Bison but at least we saw them.

Elk Island was fun and if you'd like to see more of our visits to National Parks then stay tuned as we travel across Canada. Canada 150 is the perfect year to explore the parks and see the sights across Canada.