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Alberta: Wild Rose Country

Travel Diary
We left British Columbia after a great night in Yoho National Park and we entered into Alberta through Banff National Park. We had a wonderful time exploring the park and seeing the ever so famous Lake Louise. It was one of the most beautiful drives we have ever done. Turns out we weren't finished with beautiful drives though!
By driving you really get to appreciate the expansiveness of the country and the amount of wilderness. We saw a few people on bicycles here and there and the inside joke became saying "Bike across Canada!" every time we saw someone biking. I think if I was biking out here I'd be thinking about running into grizzly bears. We were pretty glad to be taking this route since our original idea was to drive to Calgary and then go north on the highway to Edmonton. This is a much more scenic route.  We had checked with a park ranger on what the options were as far as routes to Edmonton. The ranger said that driving north to the Saskatchewan …