Glacier National Park

Travel Diary

Continuing on our road trip across Canada. We made it to Glacier National Park. Since it is Canada's 150th birthday they are giving out free parks passes in 2017. They are called the Parks Canada Discovery Pass. Normally you would have to pay to go to Glacier National Park but not with the parks pass.
It was such a beautiful drive with the trees and the mountains all around us.
The road had lots of twists and turns which kept things interesting. Wanderlust Jimmy is not the most powerful vehicle out there so quite a few people were passing us. That's okay though since we are here to enjoy the scenery and we aren't in much of a rush to get anywhere.
It is all pretty amazing scenery but after a while you almost get used to it. Oh yeah, it's beautiful everywhere we look. :P You have to snap yourself out of it and really appreciate the gorgeous scenery while it's all around you.
It is quite the highway and it felt like we were driving for a long time. We've been trying to do about 3 hours of driving a day on this trip so far. We might have to pick up the pace but through the mountains we wanted a bit more time to enjoy everything.
Wanderlust Jimmy supposedly has multiple engine leaks so we have been keeping our eyes on the fluid levels. We haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary so far but there is quite a long way to go across Canada.
Don't worry we made sure to purchase some breakdown coverage. We wanted to make sure we had roadside assistance in case we break down in the middle of nowhere. 

We stopped at a monument commemorating the finish of the Trans Canada Highway in 1962 and we saw a squirrel. He was adorable. He posed for a picture. 

If you ever get a chance then make sure to check out Glacier National Park. It has trees, mountains, fresh air and plenty of view points to get breathtaking photos.

Watch out for more of our road trip across Canada.