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We started off our new series 'Spotlight' with Birmingham!

No we aren't talking about Birmingham Alabama. We are talking about good old Birmingham, England. We lived there for two years 2015-2017 and it was two of the most amazing years of our lives. We met a lot of great people, ate some amazing food, explored the city until we could not explore any further. Now we want to share all of the things we love about Birmingham with you. Join us the fourth Sunday of every month for our latest spotlight series.

Yoho National Park, British Columbia

Travel Diary
After driving through Glacier National Park and Roger's Pass we arrived in Yoho National Park. The drive continued to be very scenic and entertaining. There were lots of winding roads up and down to keep driving interesting.
We were looking for good campgrounds in the area to camp at and there were a few to choose from. We continued driving towards the National Park Campground. We made it to Kicking Horse Campground which had showers and washrooms. It was under $30 to camp there so cheaper than some of the other campgrounds we were finding. It was self registration so we had to fill out a form with our credit card number to pay for the site and put it in a payment box since we didn't have any cash. One of the campers was driving out of the campground and told us that there was a Grizzly Bear roaming around the campground and to be careful.  We made sure to keep our eyes out and be bear safe with all our food. It was a really nice campground but it was pretty busy.…

ULTIMATE Packing List for a THREE Month Road Trip

Before heading out on our road trip Across Canada, we had to think of what to bring and get all of our supplies ready. We didn't want to forget anything and while we were trying to keep our supplies down to the minimum it seems like we haven't forgot anything. Look at our lists and get some ideas for yourself when planning a long road trip.

Road Trip Supplies:
Windshield Wiper Fluid
CAA/AAA Insurance

Road Atlas
Phones/Phone Plan
Chargers/USB Charger that plugs into cigarette lighter
Netbook Laptop

Storage units: 
2 Cooler Bags
2 Backpacks
1 Foldable Duffel Bag
1 Hard Plastic Cooler
1 Large Storage Tub
2 Small Plastic Storage Tubs
Car Top Carrier Bag

Personal Items:
2 Hats
Toiletries and Feminine Products
2 Towels
2 Weeks Worth of Clothes including: long jeans, shorts, bathing suits, shirts, socks, underwear
2 Jackets
2 Novels

Camping Supplies:
Butane Stove and Butane
Air pump
2 Single Air Mattresses
Extra Blanket

Glacier National Park

Travel Diary
Continuing on our road trip across Canada. We made it to Glacier National Park. Since it is Canada's 150th birthday they are giving out free parks passes in 2017. They are called the Parks Canada Discovery Pass. Normally you would have to pay to go to Glacier National Park but not with the parks pass. It was such a beautiful drive with the trees and the mountains all around us. The road had lots of twists and turns which kept things interesting. Wanderlust Jimmy is not the most powerful vehicle out there so quite a few people were passing us. That's okay though since we are here to enjoy the scenery and we aren't in much of a rush to get anywhere. It is all pretty amazing scenery but after a while you almost get used to it. Oh yeah, it's beautiful everywhere we look. :P You have to snap yourself out of it and really appreciate the gorgeous scenery while it's all around you. It is quite the highway and it felt like we were driving for a long time. We…