Kamloops: From the Hills to the River

Travel Diary

We continued on our road trip after packing up and leaving Merrit. The next place we made it to was Kamloops. We stopped by the visitors centre on the way in to see what kind of stuff there is to see and do in Kamloops while we are passing through.
The visitors centre had a giant fish and some Tesla electric car charging stations.

We went for a little hike up one of the hills around Kamloops. It was Kenna Cartwright Park. We just wanted a better view of Kamloops.
We passed a couple people on the trail but we did not end up walking all the way to the top. You could probably spend all day here. Apparently there is a beautiful view at the top though. We just wanted to see a few things in Kamloops and then get back on the road.

We drove in to the downtown area of Kamloops to walk around for a little bit.
Victoria street is the main street downtown with all the businesses on it.
We decided to cross this big pedestrian bridge over to the park near the river. We were warned that there would be flooding by the tourism guides at the visitor centre.
We made it to the Riverside Park. There was a lady there that was a little crazy. She kept talking nonsense to everyone and was fascinated by everything.
Riverside Park was very nice and it was a little flooded but hard to tell for us since we don't know what it usually looks like.

We did a little loop around Victoria Street and then walked in a back alley to check out some of the street art back there.

Afterwards we stopped by a cool little record store called Barnacle Records for a little bit. They had some good stuff but didn't buy anything. 
We felt like we had a nice taste of Kamloops so we got back on the road and continued our journey across Canada. Our next stop to find a place to camp for the night. We started driving towards Noah's Ark Resort.