How we Visited NINETEEN Different Countries in Two Years

For a long time we wanted to travel but just never got around to doing it. Both of us have always had pretty entry level jobs that don't pay that well. Nevertheless, we decided to find a way to do what we want. We made it work and now we've travel to more countries than we ever expected a couple years ago. Here's how we did it.

Having a job:

We registered with temp agencies that find jobs for you and we applied for different jobs through the websites Reed and Indeed. We were successful in finding jobs that worked for us. We were surprised to get decent jobs that were better than a lot of the jobs we had back in Canada and allowed us to travel around Europe more than we expected. We didn't get any fancy jobs either. One of us worked in telemarketing and the other in a print room.


Before we applied for our working visas, we knew we would have to have some savings ready in case of emergency. (Also our visa required us to have £1089ea. in savings before entering the UK). We both picked up extra hours at work and spent 6 months working as hard as we could. Both of us were working about 50-60 hours a week for these 6 months. That extra 20-40 hours of income went right into a travel savings fund. We also sold a bunch of our stuff before leaving Canada.


On our journey into minimalism we learned to live without the extra gadgets. By reducing our spending on random items and selling the items we already had we were able to save more. It is also cheaper to fly when you have no checked luggage. If you are interested in minimalism, take the 30 day minimalist challenge.

Vegan Lifestyle

By maintaining our vegan lifestyle we save so much money on food. We found going vegan reduced our food cost in half. Vegetables are one of the cheapest type of food you can buy. We are also not tempted by unhealthy buys as they are usually not vegan.

Grocery Shopping:

We try to eat at home as much as possible. While we are travelling we always buy most of our food at the shops and make sandwiches or have cereal in our hotel rooms. We limit eating out to once a day while on a trip and once every couple weeks while we are at home.

Being a Tourist off Peak:

The biggest factor that helped us travel so much while living abroad is off peak! Prices drop drastically when they need to make a sale. We have been on several £10 flights and even cheaper train journey's. There are often vouchers that can be used during off peak times such as 2for1s. Some tourist attractions offer a reduced rate for off peak visitors as well. You can see lots of places for way cheaper by going off peak.

Travelling was more achievable than we thought. We took whatever jobs we could find, reduced our frivolous spending and followed the deals. If you do all this and are open to going with the flow then you can see a lot of places without going broke.

13 Day Itinerary (Backpacking Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia)

Do you have any money saving tips that would allow for this kind of travelling?

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  1. These are actually some really great tips. Like I never thought of applying for temp jobs abroad but that makes a lot of sense if you're primary goal is to travel. And off season is always key. That and just a lot less people in general, which is always nice.

    1. Thank you. Temp jobs definitely made things a lot easier for us. Yeah travelling off peak is generally more relaxing too.

  2. That's awesome that you were able to visit 19 countries in such a short period of time. Minimalism is a great thing that helps free you from so many possessions and the costs that go along with those possession which obviously can allow you to travel freer as well.

    1. We are so happy we discovered minimalism. It really changed our lives for the better.

  3. It was amazing to hear the stories and see the pictures. You both had a very packed couple of years! Josh D

    1. Yes. It was a very busy couple years! We loved every minute of it.

  4. 19 countries is impressive, especially since you need to get quite far away from Canada for the list to increase. We were lucky to squeeze in 15 countries last year, but that includes a few neighboring Nordic countries. Having a job really makes a big difference, as long as you are able to get days of to travel. :)

    Did you only travel in Europe, or did you extend to other continents? :)


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