Bucket List and Goals

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bow lines, sail away from the safe harbour, catch the trade winds in your sail. Explore, Dream, Discover" - Mark Twain 

  • Santa Ponsa, Majorca
  • Quito, Ecuador - center of the world
  • Real middle earth
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Istabul, Turkey
  • Azores islands, Portugal
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Caen, France - very vegan friendly (greedy guts, dollys)
  • Lucky Bay, SOUTH Perth, Australia
  • Miranda Castle, Belgium
  • Lac leman, geneva lake, Switzerland
  • Santorini, Greece
  • Lake limone garda. Italy
  • Ireland, The north. Antrim, just outside of Bushmills That's Dunluce Castle
  • Eltz Castel, Germany
  • Bruges Canal, Brussels
  • Maya Bay Phi Phi Island Phuket
  • Monte Bianco Italy
  • Paris, France
  • Coast Rica Animal Rescue Centre
  • Tuscany, Italy
  • Andalucia, Spain


  • Breacon Beacon, Wales
  • Snowdon
  • Bodiam Castle
  • Malverns Hills
  • Rosilli Beach
  • Devon - woolacome
  • Cornwall - St Ives, Newquay, Vegan airbnb
  • Perranporth Beach 
  • Barmouth, Wales
  • Hay of Wye - Book District
  • Port Merion wales
  • Welsh coast town
  • Chester
  • Bath
  • Oxford
  • Belfast
  • Aberystwyth
  • Tenby
  • Scaffel Pike
  • Roman Baths
  • Isle of Man


  • Iceland
  • Finland
  • Korea
  • Thailand
  • India
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Turkey
  • Guernsey, Jersey Island in Channel
  • Poland


  • Hotel Kakslauttanen Glass Igloo. Sodankyla
  • Northern Lights
  • Ring of kerry ireland
  • Krakow fire breathing dragon
  • Sleep in a Castle
  • Pick fruit in Australia
  • Pyramids
  • Cruise: Van - Japan
  • Visit all places on our Top 10 Vegan Places
  • Visit all of the EU countries


  • Glacier National Park, Montana
  • Hubbard Glacier, Alaska
  • Moraine lake
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Route 66
  • Sand Point, Idaho
  • New York
  • LA and Gentle Barn
  • Mackenzie
  • Sarnia
  • Toronto
  • Montreal
  • Great Lakes
  • Grand Canyon
  • Moab, Utah
  • Horseshoe Bend, Arizona
  • Santa Cruz, - blissology October
  • Gulf Shores State park
  • Road Trip
  • Anna Marie Island, Fl
  • Gros morne national park new found land
  • Christmas train
  • Joshua Tree
  • Flordia 
  • Animal sanctuary 3100 Aikens Rd, Watkins Glen. NY
  • Austin, Texas
  • LA
  • NYC
  • Blue Jays game
  • Alaskan Cruise
  • Sask


  • Bolivia - the Salar de Uyuni
  • Brazil
  • Machu Picchu

  • The Gherkin
  • Wicked
  • See the view from The Shard
  • National Gallery


  • Keep eyes pealed for business ideas
  • Do online courses
  • Invest money into retirement
  • Read the wealthy barber
  • Where should we live next?
  • Think of ways to be creative and creative outlets
  • Learn another language
  • Small income from online
  • Yoga Teacher training by the end of the year
  • Road trip around Canada/ Create list of vegan places, people to visit, accommodations
  • Organise possessions, sell unwanted etc be more minimal
  • Web Design, Programming
  • work out twice a week/ C25k?
  • Think of ways to improve blog (Any ideas? Comment below)
  • Eat Healthier, more fruit, veg,
  • Send out our media kit. (Want to work with us?)
  • Vegan Bed and Breakfast
  • Write a book

  • Cook Daily
  • Canadian Vegan Festivals
  • Doomies Toronto and LA
  • Black Cat
  • Temple of Hackney
  • Cookies and Scream new location
  • Hank Burgers Paris
  • East Side Burgers
  • Screamers Pizzaria
  • Food from other Travellers


  1. I love all your lists. As a traveler myself, many of those same places are on my list too! It's also good to have all your goals as well!

    1. Thanks. We probably went overboard, but there is just so much we want to see!

  2. This is such a big bucket list. I think that having a bucket list is a great way to prioritize what you want to do in life

  3. Wow, that's a pretty impressive bucket list! I've always meant to do one but never got around to it, this has motivated me to get it done! Good luck with ticking every item off your list :)

    1. Glad to hear! We hope to start ticking some off soon!

  4. Pretty cool list! Budapest and Vienna are on mine too! Hope you've enjoyed your time in the uk and Europe!

  5. Wow, quite the long list. It should keep you busy for quite some time. Good luck with it.

    1. Should do! Although we keep adding to it!

  6. You can never go wrong with having a bucket list filled with lots of great traveling choices!! My bucket list keeps getting bigger and bigger.

  7. Such great lists! Having grown up in Michigan, I can say the Great Lakes are an awesome place to visit in the U.S. If you've not heard of it, Mackinac Island (pronouced MackinAW), is a little known gem of an island between the upper and lower peninsulas in Michigan located in Lake Huron. It's a cute little island with no motor vehicles, famous for its fudge.

    1. Awesome! Thank you for the tips!! We will check them out.

  8. That's a wonderful bucket list! I wish you make it happend as soon as possible ! :)

  9. What an awesome bucket list and we have quiet some goals in common haha! I just started one with my boyfriend as well and so far it's just getting bigger and bigger. Hope you can cross off a lot of things!

    1. Awesome! Ours keeps getting bigger and bigger too.

  10. I live in Belgium and I have never heard of Miranda Castle! I must travel a bit more in my home country.

  11. Epic list! I must get around to doing one as well but like yours I think it'll be pretty big!

  12. Great bucketlist, and I like the movement towards a more minimalist life. Let me know if you have questions on NZ, Poland, Finland or Moab and I can point you in the right direction for a great trip! Larry and Jaala from Flies On A Wall.

    1. Awesome! Thank you. We will definitely ask when the time comes!

  13. This is a great bucket list! I'm hoping to visit the UK this year so I'll make sure to check out the attractions you included. If you head to the states and plan to check out the Great Lakes, Lake Erie is near my home and I grew up spending time on its shores. Many enjoy visiting Put-in-Bay and Kelleys (no apostrophe) Island. Kelleys has the largest visible and easily accessible glacier grooves in the world and South Bass (where Put-in-Bay is located) has the world's largest geode. Kind of random, but fun tidbits.

  14. Great list! Some I've been to, some I want to go to, and some I had to look up...and now want to go to! Sounds like you have some busy times ahead! :)

    1. Awesome. Glad to help grow your list. If we missed anything let us know.

  15. This is an amazing list! You've inspired me to better organize my own now.


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