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Hidden Gems of Nottingham

Our friend from Canada came to visit us in Birmingham. We were trying to think of cool places to visit for a day trip, not too far away, and Nottingham caught our eye. Nottingham has a bit of a bad reputation as being a really rough city but we found it to be really nice and there was lots of cool stuff to see there. We really had a great time there and I hope you enjoy our video and our blog post.

Edinburgh: Fringe Festival, Fantastic Food and Friends

After what seemed to be the longest 4 day work week imaginable. We caught the train from Birmingham to Edinburgh, which we booked on Train line. It was a 4.5 hour journey and we were thankful for our books. 
This is our second time in Edinburgh. Last time it was June and still cold as hell. It rained both times but wasn't too bad.

A Weekend Away in the Lake District

Another place that everyone has been telling us to visit is the Lake District. We had heard about a vegan bed and breakfast in the area and thought we would look into booking there.
We were able to get a two night stay at the Fox Hall Vegan Bed and Breakfast. It was really easy to book. We went on their website, and emailed them with the dates and room we wanted.

Should You Go Cruising? Pros and Cons of Cruising

Cruising is sometimes seen as a way to travel for old people. Yes, there are a lot of older people aboard, but we feel that is because people don't realise what cruising is actually like. We love cruising for many reasons, and although we don't always choose to cruise, we have been on quite a few. We put together a pros and cons list to cruising to help people to see if cruising would be an option for them.

Going into the Medieval Castle of Warwick

We have been told again and again to go and see Warwick Castle. We were lucky enough to find 2 for 1 coupons for our day trip!
It is quite expensive to get into the castle grounds. £25.00 each!! So be sure to get a '2 or 1 coupon.' Either prepaid from this link or these can be found in the news papers and on cereal boxes. These coupons also work for various other tourist attractions across England.

Working Hard to Hardly Work

If you missed last month's post, find it here: "The Calendar Says it's Summer, but England's Still Raining"

Our 16th month in England came to an end. The months are just flying by. We flew to Berlin on the 2nd of July and spent 5 nights exploring this amazing city in Germany. We can't believe how fantastic Berlin was. We were in vegan heaven. Check out our blog post: "Welcome to Berlin, Vegan Paradise"
We made a few videos while we were there.
Check out our Rock 'n' Roll Berlin Video:

Welcome to Berlin, Vegan Paradise

July 2-7,2016:
We have been looking forward to going to Berlin for a long time. Lots of  our friends have been to Berlin before. We've heard nothing but good things about Berlin from our friends. Many have reported back saying that Berlin is one of the best cities to visit in Europe.
Check out our guide if you are planning a trip to Berlin! 
We decided to fly out of Birmingham for this trip, as we were a little tired of always travelling through London to go to the airport. We had a stop over in Amsterdam on our way. It was a little more money to fly out of Birmingham, than to fly out of Stansted, but we wanted to save time. 
We took the train from our house to the airport and boarded the plane. It went smoothly. We booked our trip on Expedia and went for the flight + hotel option. This costs a little more to do, but we had searched for awhile on better deals for Berlin, and unless we flew out of London, this was the best option for us.