Fredericia, Denmark - Seaside Town

 Our cruise ship stopped in another small town in Denmark called Fredericia. We got a tourist map and headed for the sights.

We made a mini vlog of our time in Fredericia which you can check out here.

This old car was parked in front of a cafe. It was pretty rusty as you can see.

There were a bunch of Corvettes hanging out on the pedestrian shopping street.

For some reason, there was this water flowing down the centre of the high street. Just for fun? Water for dogs? Clean your shoes?
There was an international fair going on with stalls or goods and food to buy.

This is where the water was coming from. It was bubbling out of this flower looking thing.

There were some bootleg hats made in Peru for sale in the international market.
There were a lot of fountains in this town.
We took a walk to the beach. The town is not that big so it took no time to walk from end to end of the town.

Trinitatis Church
This church looks like a similar style to the buried church in Skagen.

Bræddehytten Vniels Christian Iversen Bøgebjerg
Country Western Saloon in Denmark? Alrighty then.

We walked to the other end of the town. The town is surrounded by a wall which you can walk on.

There were cool views from the top of the wall. There was a trail along the wall to walk around which was pretty nice.

People were repelling down this tower for some event. We saw people all over town wearing these high visibility vests and taking part in different activities. I'm guessing that they were part of a race.

We managed to find a magnet of Denmark in the shopping area and then we headed back to the ship to get some coffee and chill while the ship pulled away from Fredericia and on to the next stop.


  1. what a beautiful area. The street with the fountains where you park is so neat

  2. This looks like such a lovely town. I've never been to Denmark before. I would be happy being by the beach.


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