Free Self Guided Walking Tour of Copenhagen

We arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark.

On board the cruise ship there were all sorts of excursions for sale including walking tours of Copenhagen. Most of them were upwards of $60 USD each. We opted for the free option, a self guided walking tour of Copenhagen. Luckily the cruise ship was not far from the rest of the city.

Our Maitre D had advised us that all we had to do in Copenhagen is to get off the ship, take a left and follow the shoreline into the city centre. There was a hop on hop off bus in front of the ship. We didn't get on the bus but we grabbed a map from them and used it to navigate.

Join us on our walking tour of Copenhagen!

We found a mermaid statue. The man who wrote the little mermaid, Hans Christian Anderson, is Danish so there is some mermaid statues to celebrate him in Copenhagen.

The shoreline was very windy but the weather was otherwise great. We've been lucky this whole trip with good weather.

We went past a little marina.

This is the main mermaid statue that all of the tourists crowd around and take pictures with.

There were tons of people riding bikes in Copenhagen. Coincidentally, most of the people in Copenhagen appear to be in good shape.

The walk was nice with all of the cherry blossoms.

Gefion Fountain

St Alban's Church
We went inside the church and then took a walk inside the star shaped fortress called Kastellet.

Consulting the map to make sure we weren't lost.

We crossed the bridge into Kastellet. A lot of other tourists were headed this way too.

There was a windmill at the top of the hills surrounding the fortress.

We took a walk towards the square where the Queen of Denmark lives, Amalienborg. There were Queen's guards that looked remarkably similar to the guards at Buckingham Palace.
The square was massive and not too many people there. It is probably too early in the season for tourists.

Close by there was a big marble church called Frederik's Church. Probably where the Queen goes.
We walked back towards the waterfront.

They had a garden and some interesting sculptures.

There were lots of cool boats on the waterfront.

We were trying to reach Nyhavn, the area with the famous colourful houses along the canals. We found it no problem thanks to our map.

We found all the other tourists. From the looks of it they were having a nice cold Carlsberg beer along the canal.

We walked around searching for some of the famous buildings on our tourist map. We had some trouble finding some of them because our map wasn't labelled very well.

Eventually though we found the centre of Copenhagen and the shopping area Strøget.

The Round Tower
We passed the Round Tower were we found some free lattes. We got some soya chai lattes which were nice since it was kinda chilly outside.

Next we made our way to the Rosenborg Castle Gardens to see the castle.

Pretty sweet statues in the park.

There is Rosenborg Castle. It closed at 2pm so we weren't able to see the inside but the outside was pretty scenic.

We checked out the garden beside the castle.

Next we took a walk back to the ship. We did a lot of walking but that is the best way to see a city we find. It's fun because you can find things you might not normally find otherwise.

We took a walk back to the star shaped fortress to head back to the little mermaid statue to get a picture. We were hoping that most of the tourists were gone by this point..

There, we got our little mermaid selfie just like everyone else. This statue is over 100 years old.

Closer to our ship we found a modern art looking little mermaid. This one didn't have any tourists around it, aside from us.

We had a wonderful time in Copenhagen and given the opportunity we would go back to further explore the city. There is so much more to see in the city such as Tivoli Gardens the amusement park. We would recommend that everyone add a trip to Copenhagen to their bucket list.