Skagen, Denmark - Seaside Town

Our cruise ship arrived in Skagen, Denmark. It is a small town that is in the most northern part of Denmark.
The town was really quaint. A lot of the houses were the same yellow colour. We got a map from the tourist information point and then used it to walk around the town seeing the sights.

We made a short vlog about our time in Skagen which you can check out here.

The weather was great aside from it being cold and windy.

We were not exactly sure if this was a museum or not. There was some tourists taking pictures of these houses but we didn't see any signs and it wasn't on our map. Anyway, we decided to take photos in case the buildings were significant.

Wow what a cool windmill.

There was a small museum near the windmill too.

The beach in Skagen is beautiful. We walked to the beach to check it out for a bit.

Denmark 2016

It's hard to see but we wrote our blog url in the sand. Can you see our blog URL?

There's a lot of little museums in Skagen like this one.
Drachmanns Hus, Art Museum

Skagen is a pretty peaceful little town.

We made our way over to the city centre of Skagen.

Hulsig Kirke

Remember leash, remember bag
Pretty unique looking church.
There was a pedestrian zone with some shopping and things to see.

We saw some bizarre sculptures and a pretty nice high street.

Skagen is a brand of watch and they were offering some deals to people on the cruise ship. It kind felt like just about everyone walking around in the town was from the cruise ship.
We hung out in the park near a water tower for a bit. We had no idea what it was at the time so we had to google it later. The water tower is no longer in use.

Most of the houses in Skagen are yellow but there was a red one as well. Actually this was another little museum.
Anchers Hus, Museum

We headed back to the dock to get back on the ship as we had seen everything there was to see in Skagen.

Back on the cruise ship we took a picture of the buried church which we decided against walking to since it was a long walk in the opposite direction of everything else.