Back From our Holiday Within a Holiday and our Summer has Started Early

If you missed last month's post, find it here: "April Showers Bring May Flowers"

We started off this month sailing aboard Celebrity Cruises, on our way to Amsterdam with Mrs. WLV's mom. We spent a week around Amsterdam and The Hague before heading back to Birmingham.

Deshima in Amsterdam 

Mrs. WLV returned back to work while Mr. WLV began his search for another job.

Saturday - Plant-Based Nurse came around to ours to catch up and play some board games - we really got into the game Fluxx.

Sunday - We caught up on our house hold non sense then made our way to the cinema with Plant-Based nurse to watch the film Captain America. It was quite good and was more like another Avengers movie than just a Captain America movie.

Tuesday - After work we headed to Handmade Burger - as you get a "buy one get one for a £1" voucher on the back of your movie stubs. We both got the super salad. Then we made our way to the New Alexandra Theatre to watch a play. We saw the Green Day American Idiot Musical. It was surprisingly good.

Thursday- After work we went to The Stable as they had just launched a new vegan cheese for their vegetarian pizza. While the cheese was good, the rest of the pizza was a bit disappointing. Yes the pizza was good, but the value for money wasn't there. We left hungry. We made our way to Cherry Reds for the Birmingham Vegans monthly drinks night. We ended up ordering their vegan breakfast to share to fill the void from dinner. We also enjoyed some fudge cake. 

Friday - Mrs.WLV had a work party to attend, and Mr WLV hung out with some Birmingham Vegans. We both had a great time and met up later in the evening at Cherry Reds.

Saturday - We met up with Plant Based Nurse and went shopping at Costco. We got a few bulk items, then made our way to Edgbaston Reservoir to eat some hummus. It ended up being quite cold, so we went home.

Sunday - We took the train to Lichfield. Our friend let us hitch a ride with her to The Wrekin. We had a wonderful hike with some great people. To read in more detail about our hike click here.

Or watch our Vlog on our hike here:

Monday - After work we headed to The Church with Plant Based Nurse and then headed over to Blue Orange for their monthly improv show with the Box of Frogs improv group. We had a great time as always and even got them to say "My Huumus brings all the boys to the yard"

New Vegan option at The Church. BBQ Jackfruit.

Wednesday - On Monday Box of Frogs told us about a new improv show starting at Victoria called The Knee Jerks. We decided to attend their show with Plant Based Nurse and we had a great time. We love going to improv shows. We also got hummus to star in this show as an improv suggestion from the audience.

For the weekend we made our way to Bristol for Veg Fest. We had an amazing time. We had gone last year, but this year was 100x better.

To read our post on Bristol go here.

We made 2 vlogs for Veg Fest as well:

We joined the Hummus Lovers Club at Bristol Veg Fest. 

Then it was back to work for Mrs. WLV for the week.

On Wednesday it was Plant Based Nurse's birthday so we headed to Mr. Singh's for pizza and back to our place for a game of Logos.

For the May long weekend we started by going out Friday evening with a few friends from work to celebrate a birthday. It was much fun, and we stayed out too late.

The following morning we got up early and made our way to the train station. We spent the weekend in Cardiff, Wales. Going to Wales ticked another country off the old list. How many countries are in this country?

We had beautiful weather the whole time. 

On our final day in Cardiff we went to the only 100% vegan restaurant Anna Loka, and met our Facebook friend of two years, Queer Vegan, for the first time.

Check out our post on Cardiff here.

Queer Vegan! They are a fellow blogger and we were delighted to meet in person. To check out their blog, here is the link:
Queer Vegan, and Wanderlust Vegans 

We had a wonderful time in Cardiff and it was a great way to end May. June is looking very busy and we are super excited!

Also we have made a new introduction video for our YouTube Channel.

To see what we got up to next month, check out "The Calendar Says it's Summer, But England's Still Raining"