To Bristol VEGFEST we go!

We set off to Vegfest in Bristol again.

We caught the Mega Bus. Generally the more in advance you can book your tickets the cheaper they are. And they always sell the first seat for £1. The Mega bus is super easy to book online and they run all over the world. You can even show the driver the confirmation email on your phone. We have had a lot of luck with Mega Bus in getting great prices on seats.

For this stay, we got ourselves an Airbnb. Check in was very easy, our host had messaged us and let us know that our key was in a lock box outside the home and told us what the code was. This allowed us to show up when we were finished at Vegfest with an easy check in.

Again, we walk everywhere. For information on Bristols public transport, click here.

We had such a great time at Bristol Veg Fest  last year, that we couldn't imagine missing it this year. To see our trip from last year click here! This year we made an awesome video!

Check it out:
Vegan Churros
 After leaving Veg Fest, we had to make our way to our airbnb. We walked during this beautiful sunset.
 It was so nice to walk along the canal.

We walked through a lovely park. Which I admit was a bit scary at dusk.
 We found the house! Then we settled into our airbnb for the night and met some lovely people. They were other airbnb guests from Italy. There was 3 pairs of airbnb gusts at the house including us but the hosts were away.
Stamps from Veg Fest.
We had a great day at Vegfest Day 1.

Day 2 Vlog:

We woke up bright and early in our airbnb but we had to share the bathroom with 4 other house guests so it took us awhile to get ready.
 By the time we were heading out the door the weather was looking not so great. It was raining pretty bad the previous day so it was looking like more of the same.

 The rain held off long enough for us to walk to Vx which is a vegan cafe and shop. It was only about 10 minutes away from our airbnb.

 This is the first time we have been to Vx Bristol. We have been to their London shop which is quite small and doesn't have much in the way of seating so it is mostly a take away place as far as food goes.
 Vx Bristol has lots of seating. We showed up to get some cheap breakfast and coffee. They had a breakfast special of £4 for a hot drink and a sausage buntie? Never heard that term before but it was a sausage sandwich. You don't see many sausage sandwiches in Canada but in England they are the norm.
 We stayed in VX until the weather was looking better. Then we walked to the Clifton suspension bridge. It was quite the mission to get there.

 The weather was holding up really well to our surprise.

 The view from the bridge was worth it.

 We took some pictures and did some vlogging on the bridge.

 We had to google map how to get back to Veg Fest to see our friends again.

 It didn't take long for us to walk back to the festival grounds and do some more Veg Festing.

We had a wonderful time in Bristol just like we did last time. Veg Fest was a lot of fun and we ate lots of delicious food. We were glad we got to see the Clifton suspension bridge this time. Maybe next time we are in Bristol we'll check out more of the vegan restaurants and see parts of Bristol we might have missed.

Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this post and want to see more epic Veg Fest's, check out our post on "Glasgow: The Return. This time we mean business!"