Wandering, Hoummus, Curry and Planning.

We went over to our friend The Vegan Engineer's place on Saturday. We thought we would walk instead of taking transit, as we love to wander. The walk was just over an hour and we knew the general direction, so we didn't get too lost. We aimed to walk off the beaten path and head in the directions of parks and canals. The first park we came across was quite nice. The trees look beautiful in winter. 

Old building.
We found a canal and started following it, as the canal goes into city centre. We had walked along the canals in May, 2015, but we seem to have been on a different route. To look at pictures of our beautiful hike in May click here.
 This part of town looked really nice, but just around the corner is a supposedly sketchy area. I think developers are trying to gentrify the area to charge more for properties.
 We found our way along the canal to Barclaycard arena. We wanted to go to Costa this weekend, as we just signed up for their rewards card and they don't charge extra for soya milk! Their Chai Lattes are delicious.

We spent some time in Costa relaxing, and waiting for The Vegan Engineer to return home as he was still running errands. We continued our way along the canal to his place
 We finally got out of the canal and made our way through city centre.

We got to The Vegan Engineer's house and we started planning another holiday. We used skyscanner, hostelworld and red spotted hanky. We love holidays and we especially like to travel with our friends. We successfully planned our upcoming holiday in March so stay tuned.

The Vegan Engineer also stuffed us full of delicious food. Homemade houmous, double stuffed oreos, 'Chicken' Korma with chapattis, and nice cream. No pictures unfortunately as we ate everything before we took pictures. It was all amazing and we could barely walk. We also tried to make Meringue from the chickpea water, but we think the oven was too hot, as it melted. :( Better luck next time.

Thank you for reading. If you would like to see more of Birmingham, check out our post "Our Journey Through Middle Earth"