Vegan Youtuber Meet-up and Camden Town, London

 We started off our day by getting up at 4:30am and heading to Birmingham New Street station for our 6:14am train.

Joining us on the trip this time was Plant-Based Nurse and The Vegan Engineer. When you travel on off peak times, trains can be very affordable. We paid £12 return trip to London for the two of us.

Deadpan Vegan, nearly didn't make it there on time. We kept calling and texting him but we were getting no response. Finally at 6am he sent us a message saying that he just woke up and was on his way. We had serious doubts as to whether he would make it. Turns out he did, which is good considering this meetup to see the London Youtubers was his idea in the first place. He's the one who wanted to start a YouTube channel.

We got into London around 9am and we were hungry so we looked on the Happy Cow app to find a place for breakfast. We started in the direction of Vegan Hippo in search of breakfast food. We had 3 hours until the meetup.

 We google the opening times of Vegan Hippo to double check because sometime Happy Cow is wrong. Happy Cow said 10am but google told us Noon. Then we stumbled upon Planet Organic so we checked it out instead. They had a lot of vegan food there. We all got some food for breakfast and sat in their seating area in the back for a little bit. We mapped out our next route and then headed on our way. The seating in the back was pretty good. They had an area to charge your phone as well.
Planet Organic

 We visited Gandhi and then walked over to Kings Cross to see the Vegan Boutique called Vx.

 We found Vx and checked them out. One of us got a lovely new Vegan T-shirt. The shop was quite small but had some cool stuff. We had been to a stall of theirs at Bristol VegFest.
 Next we went to Tesco to get some snacks for the park. We caught an Uber to the park because it was a 40 minute walk away and it was cold outside. For some reason we didn't get Oyster cards this trip and we didn't take the tube at all.

Primrose Hill is really nice. It's part of The Regent's Park.

 We walked to the top of the hill where the meetup was. There were lots of people jogging in the park.
Hey wait up guys!

Quite a few people showed up to the meet up. The idea behind the meet up was to meet other vegan YouTubers and ask them advice on how to start a YouTube channel, make your channel better, and also just to socialise with other vegans. Based on YouTube comments and comments on Facebook that we've seen people have a hard time meeting other vegans. Fortunately this is not a problem we seem to be having.

 The view from the hill was fantastic. You can see the London Skyline and we've never been in this part of town before. Cheap Lazy Vegan, The Friendly Activist, Brummy Vegan and Tim Shieff were some of the people we got a chance to meet. Tim Shieff is a professional parkour freerunner. We talked to people for quite awhile but it was really cold outside and we needed to find some warmth.

Here's a little video clip for your enjoyment:

 We walked around looking for a coffee shop where we could warm up because it was cold outside and our feet were starting to feel numb from standing at the top of a hill. We found a coffee shop and had some tea. A friend of ours that lived in Brighton was at the meet up as well so she met us at the coffee shop. She brought a friend of hers along too.

 Afterwards we all went to My Village Cafe which had a bunch of vegan options.
Falafel Wraps
 Afterwards we walked around Camden and went to Camden market to get a dessert from Cookies and Scream.

Cookies and Scream
 They didn't have much left at this time of night so there were only about 3 choices. These Ghouls turned out to be amazing. They were basically chocolate brownies with marshmallows.

 Another place we checked out was Inspiral to get some juice.

Our friend from Brighton and her friend had to split but the rest of us took a walk along Camden High Street.

We only had a couple hours until our train so we hung out in a pub and talked about the day. Then we caught the late night train back into Birmingham.

Thanks for reading. If you want to see more of London, check out our post "One Year in England! Let's go to London."