Top 5 Must See Vegan/Animal Documentaries

This post is a bit of a change from the travel blog. Instead of travel photos and vegan food we're looking at documentaries that meant something to us. There are plenty of documentaries out there that support veganism and animal rights. We watched many when we were first going vegan and I think that it helps support your decision with more information and reminds you on why exactly you wanted to be vegan in the first place. Here are some of the vegan documentaries that stood out to us when we went vegan.

1. Forks Over Knives. This documentary looks at the health benefits of veganism. While you probably should go vegan for the animal rights issues, the health benefits are an added bonus. You don't have to sacrifice your health to stop eating animals and in fact when you don't eat animals your health improves.

2. Cowspiracy. This is a great film that outlines the massive impact that animal agriculture has on the environment (greenhouse gas, pollution), and how no one is paying attention to the negative effects of animal agriculture because of the influence of big business and since people don't want to accept responsibility by changing their habits. We watched Cowspiracy on Netflix. 

3. Earthlings. This is a brutal film that I don't think either of us would ever watch again. It is a top vegan documentary for us because it shows the brutality that farm animals face. Watching this film is upsetting and shows the reality behind the production of each animal product. Viewer Beware. Extremely Graphic.

4. The Cove. Unlike the first three films, this isn't really a "go vegan" film. We think that it is important though because it shows the dark side to the happy go lucky image of the dolphin trade. The dolphin trade includes dolphin shows, swim with with dolphin parks and places like seaworld. It is hard to believe the cruelty involved in the dolphin trade but watching this makes it obvious that we cannot support these industries. Also watch Blackfish.

We've added the trailer to Blackfish. I would link these two documentaries together. They both are showing you behind the scenes of Seaworld type establishments.

5. Sharkwater. This is another documentary that isn't really a vegan doc but we like it because of the myth busting about sharks being an enemy of humans when really the ecosystems needs them. Plus sharks are just really cool and it is amazing to watch.

These are a good starting point in your own research on these subjects. There are many more docs out there on animal issues but these are the ones that stood out to us. Strangely enough I think that we watched all of these documentaries after we went vegan. As you may know, Cowspiracy came out pretty recently and it is on Netflix. Technically, this is a top 6 documentary list, but since The Cove and Blackfish are closely related we are putting them into one category. We hope you find these documentaries informative.

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