Vegan Guide to Worcester, England

Worcester is a city in England southwest of Birmingham. It has a population of about 100,000 people which is a good size but not intimidating to people that aren't keen on big cities. The city is beside the River Severn where you can spot a lot of swans. There is pubs, a Cathedral, and historic buildings. It's a typical English city. In fact, it's Britain's most average place.

Why You Should Go:  It is a nice sized city in the UK with plenty of shops, restaurants and nice buildings. The riverside of the River Severn is a nice place for a walk and there is a Cathedral there called Worcester Cathedral. It is similar to many English cities in that there are lots of different shops, museums, parks, monuments and pubs to check out.

Getting to Worcester:

How vegan-friendly is it? We found it to be more vegan-friendly than we would have expected for a smaller city. There isn't a ton of vegan places but there are 2 fully vegan establishments and many non-vegan places with veg…

Coventry Viva! Vegan Festival

When we were living in the UK for 2 years we went to a lot of different vegan festivals all around the country. It was a good way to see a bunch of places we'd never been to before. We are back in the UK but this time our visit didn't coincide with many vegan festivals but we did want to make a point of going to the Coventry one since it was so close by. It was held in Coventry Cathedral. There was a bunch of food stalls in the bombed out portion of the cathedral. We, of course, couldn't resist getting our hands on some woodfire vegan pizza from Mission Pizza.   We got the New York Kick pizza.  There were lots of shirts available inside. The festival was put on by Viva! We went to a talk on the link between yoga and veganism.  We had a look at all the stalls inside and tried out all the samples. There were samples of chocolate, brownies, banana bread, kombucha, and cosmetics. Then we got a Greek Gyros Kebab wrap and a Lebanese Shwarma Kebab wrap outside at Bamboo Street F…

Wanderlust Peanut Sauce Stir Fry

Are you trying to save your pennies for your travels? We find that Peanut Sauce Stir Frys are very cost effective and easy to make. They are also delicious and very filling.

1/4 cup Green onions
1/2 cup Peanut butter (or peanut butter powder for a low-fat alternative)
TBSP Sriracha Sauce (or more to taste)
TBSP Soy Sauce (or more to taste)
TBSP Lemon juice (optional)
3 Garlic Cloves
Veggies (Broccoli, carrots, peppers, cauliflower, whatever you desire or have)
1/2 cup Bean Sprouts (optional)
sesame seeds (optional)
Brick of Tofu
1/2 cup to 1 cup of water

Rice or rice noodles


Follow instructions on the package to cook rice or rice noodles.

Fry veggies, tofu and garlic in a wok for a couple minutes on high. Add soy sauce, sriracha sauce, lemon juice and cook for a couple more minutes. Reduce heat to low-medium and stir in peanut butter with enough water (or coconut milk) to thin out the sauce so it can cover the rice noodles you've made. Add Beansprouts an…

Vegan Travel Interview with Simona Collins

I’m half Latvian half Russian living in the UK, Birmingham whose goal is to become a full-time traveller. My three favourite things are food, cats and sounds of ocean waves. Did I say I love food?



Today on our blog, we have a fun interview with our friend Simona. She's an avid traveller that has been to many cool places and is looking forward to lots more vegan travel adventures. She has some cool trips planned in the near future so we are super excited to follow along with her travels. Today we get to know Simona a little better as she is answering questions about her vegan travel lifestyle. Without further ado here is our vegan travel interview with Simona Collins.

Why are you Vegan?

I’m vegan for the animals, but the health aspects are also important to me. I’m also turning into environmentalist, trying to dive into zero waste living. I believe that all three of these aspects are detrimental to the planet and humanit…

6 MORE Tips to Planning a Great Holiday for Less

Do you love travelling? Are you short on cash? Don't think you can afford a holiday this year? 

Think again! We have put together 6 MORE tips to help you plan a holiday for less. This post goes alongside our post 6 Tips to Planning a Great Holiday for Less. Now you have 12 great tips to help you get on that holiday you have always wanted.

1. Figure out your maximum $$ amount you wish to spend.

We usually have the dollar amount of $2000 for the both of us, and we try and see how far we can stretch it. We could easily find a holiday for 1 week for a $1000 each, but we like to try and get 2 weeks or more out of that!

2. Don't Get Cancellation Insurance For a Budget Trip

There are definitely some scenarios where you are going to want cancellation insurance. It can feel like a gamble but if you are going on a budget trip with super cheap flights and accommodation then why bother paying for cancellation insurance when most of the time it is quite expensive. In most cases, the cancella…

Vegan Guide to Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is the capital of Ireland. It's also the most populous city in Ireland. It's known for its lively nightlife, live music venues, Celtic music, Irish Culture, historic buildings and numerous museums including EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum.

Vegan Travel Interview with Vegan Nom Noms

I’m an American vegan expat based in Berlin, Germany since 2011. I’m also a big nomad always traveling around the world parts of the time. I’m queer, friend of all street cats, a bit of an organizational nerd, and a big fan of community-building, especially via my Queer Women* Digital Nomads group.



Today on our blog, we have a great interview with expat Nicole from Vegan Nom Noms. Vegan Nom Noms is a very informative blog with lots of useful information for vegan travelers. Nicole has tons of vegan recipes, she's been all across the USA, she's been living in Berlin and lucky for us she's sharing all her insider information with us!  Right here, right now, Nicole is answering questions about her vegan travel lifestyle. Without further ado here is our vegan travel interview with Nicole from Vegan Nom Noms.

Why are you Vegan?

It started out as a challenge in 2006. It was my first year of university …

Top Five Places to Visit in Canada

We went on a cross Canada road trip and it was one of the best experiences of our lives. There are so many places that were a pleasure to visit but we tried to nail down the top five places to share with you. It was hard to choose but these are definitely the top five highlights from our Canadian Road Trip.

#1 The Rocky Mountains.
The scenery in the Rocky Mountains is unbelievable and breathtaking as people often say. Being surrounded by mountains and snow it's hard to know where to look because it all looks amazing. The drive will definitely keep you awake as you're going up and down and around through the mountains with lots of places to stop and take pictures.

#2 Toronto.
Toronto has one of the best vegan scenes in Canada with tons of restaurants to choose from. There is also a number of places to find vegan options in non-vegan restaurants. There is even a store that sells vegan clothes like high-quality belts and shoes that are vegan.

#3 Montreal.
What a great city to visit …

Vegan Guide to Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is a city in Nevada USA that is world famous for casinos and gambling. Aside from gambling, it's a city known for flashy shows, luxury hotels, entertainment, and of course it has the nickname sin city. It feels strange explaining Las Vegas since it is such a well-known city. Even if you haven't been there before you've probably watched a TV show or movie where they go to Vegas.

Vegan Travel Interview with Vegan Voyagers

We are Hayden and Aaron Hall, 2 vegans traveling the US in an RV with 5 cats, a dog & a silkie chicken named Brienne of Tarth. In late 2016 we sold everything we owned and set off on an adventure of a lifetime! We plan to visit every state, every National Park, and eat at as many vegan restaurants as we possibly can. There’s no slowing down for us, as once we’ve explored the US, we plan to continue traveling internationally! 

You may remember Hayden and Aaron from when we did our mini Vegan Travel Interviews when we asked seven other vegan travel bloggers the following questions:
Why are you travelling? Why did you become vegan? and Which city did you find to be the most vegan-friendly that you have travelled to? and What is your favourite restaurant there?
Today, They are back on our blog answering more questions about their vegan travel lifestyle. We enjoy following their travels living in an RV driving around the USA and get excited about the vegan dishes they find! They have add…

9 Week Itinerary: Canadian Road Trip (Dipping into the USA)

If you are thinking of going on a cross Canada road trip you might be wondering how you would plan such a long trip or what sort of time frame you need to do a cross Canada trip. We recently did a trip across Canada and it took us 9 weeks. You could easily spend more time in each place so this itinerary would work best as the minimum amount of time you need to do a trip like this and still be able to stop in lots of place across the country.

Local currency Canadian Dollars

Week 1  Vancouver, BC - Edmonton, AB
Fly into Vancouver International airport Rent a car from the airport Drive northeast towards the Rocky MountainsExplore Kamloops and Revelstoke along the wayHead up into the mountains driving through Glacier and Yoho National ParksKeep driving north towards Saskatchewan Crossing in Banff National Park Stop at Rocky Mountain House before making your way to Edmonton, AB
Great Canadian Road Trip: 
Beautiful British Columbia: The Best Place on Earth
First Leg: Vancouver to Merritt BC


If you are planning a visit to Canada, or maybe you're a Canadian looking to do some domestic travel, then these are the places you are going to want to check out. Canada is full of natural beauty and wilderness to enjoy so there are lots of reasons to visit Canada. You're not going to find a vegan donut shop out in the wilderness so this is a city slicker guide on the best places veganised across Canada.

Chances are when you visit Canada you are going to end up in a city even if you're on your way to somewhere more remote. Bigger cities tend to be the best places to visit for vegan food in Canada. For the smaller towns, you can always try your luck at finding some vegan options or hit up the local grocery store. Use the Happy Cow app. If you want to see some fun cities and get some memorable vegan cuisine then check out these places across Canada.

Vancouver Island is a fun island to visit and a trip there wouldn't be complete without a stay in Victoria. Victori…