We enjoyed living in Birmingham for 2 years. Being from Canada it was great to be in the middle of England and able to travel to lots of different places all over the UK. We were always on the lookout for vegan food.

When we weren't travelling other places we were in our adopted home of Birmingham and enjoying the great vegan food options there. A lot of these places we tried with other member of the Birmingham Vegans group.

Since Birmingham often doesn't get as much attention as it should we wrote this post to show the vegan delights of Birmingham. Here's a rundown of the vegan food options, that way next time you are in Brum you'll know where to go. Right on!

100% Vegan:

Vegan Grindhouse: Is a 100% vegan food truck that can be found in various locations around the city. Follow their Facebook to find out where they are next. If you like American style street food, you will love Vegan Grindhouse. Try their Original Grindhouse Burger or attempt the Death Proof II burger c…

Back in the Old Stomping Grounds of Victoria BC

Travel Diary Day 1-3:
Being back on Vancouver Island for a month already, we thought a trip to Victoria was in order. We got a ride with my aunt and stayed with my sister and her boyfriend.  
Day 1: When we got to Victoria we sold some books and cds, then headed to Fort Rodd Hill. We were eager to use our free Parks Canada Discovery pass which gets you free entry into all the national parks and Fort Rodd Hill happens to be the closest one to us. After a lovely day exploring Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse, we went to Be Love for dinner. Be Love used to be a upscale vegan restaurant, but they changed their menu to include honey and eggs. Now they are an upscale Vegetarian restaurant, also serving brunch. Be sure to read the descriptions on the menu to ensure you are ordering a vegan dish. We both ordered one of their bowls. 

After a lovely dinner we went back to my sister and her boyfriend's house and hung out chatting. We haven't seen each other in two years, so we had a…

3 Big Tips on How to Move Abroad

1. Do Your Research.
Look at your options and find out what country you want to move to. Find out the process involved in getting accommodation. Do you need a contact? How do you get one? For us moving to England, we needed to have contact already in England. Search for job possibilities and see what sort of demand there is. Pick what city or town you would like to move to. Find out about any local customs that are useful to know about.Find out if you will you need to purchase health insurance for the duration of your stay? 2. Apply for a VISA.
To live in another country you will most likely need a visa but not in all cases.You should also research if you can even get a visa for the country you want to live in. Learn about the different types of visas and their requirements. Be prepared to have a sum of money in your bank to fulfill most working holiday visa requirements. 3. Minimise your stuff
Sort through your possessions and figure out what is worth keeping.Moving to another country…

Fisherman's Wharf

We used to live in Victoria BC Canada for a couple of years but we hadn't been back since we left Canada so we got to take a look with fresh eyes.
Victoria has a cruise port and one of the sights that a lot of tourists go to is Fisherman's Wharf. Visiting Victoria we wanted to act like tourists. A lot of travelers are trying their best to act like locals but we've already been locals here before so we tried to see it through tourist eyes. 
We took a walk from where we were staying to see the spot. I know you are thinking that Fisherman's Wharf doesn't sound like a place that vegans would want to go but we think that everyone will get a kick out of it. The Victoria waterfront is a great place to be all around. Victoria probably has the best weather of anywhere in Canada. It's warm and often sunny plus it doesn't get too hot or cold all year.  At Fisherman's wharf there is a bunch of colourful floating buildings attached to the docks. They have places to…

Vegan Guide to Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland. It's not as posh as Edinburgh but there is still a lot of stuff to see and do in Glasgow. It has a big industrial history and is known for other things such as art, music and architectural design. Go to a pub and get some deep fried food like the Scots do best and maybe go to a gig. Don't worry there's plenty of deep fried vegan food.

Why You Should Go: It is a big Scottish city with a lot going on. There is many great vegan bars and it's easy to find an affordable place to stay. Glaswegians have very cool accents and you will want to learn how to speak like them. You might have some trouble understanding Glaswegians at first but don't worry you'll get used to it. You'll figure it out and be able to understand but only as long as they don't throw too much slang at you. Maybe Google some Glaswegian slang to prepare yourself ahead of time.

Getting to Glasgow: We flew into Glasgow Airport direct from Vancouver back in…