Wanderlust Vegans Kitchen: Easy Soup Recipe!

Welcome to the Wanderlust Vegans Kitchen! We will be providing you with simple, easy recipes for healthy meals on your travels.

As part of our zero waste challenge, we had to think of a recipe to make using the bulk food and produce we were able to buy at the grocery store that didn't come in packaging. We did have a few items in the fridge (soy sauce and hot sauce) that come in a package but you could flavour the soup with other spices and salt if you wish. We looked at what we bought and came up with the idea of making split pea soup. Sounds good right?

Today we will be making Split Pea soup:


1 Cup split peas (soak for at least 2 hours)
1/2 a green pepper
3 broccoli florets
1 small onion
1/2 a carrot
1/2 a zucchini
1 tomato
soy sauce
hot sauce
black pepper
simmer for 40 minutes or until split peas are soft.


Soak the split peas for at least 2 hours. You can even soak them overnight in the fridge.

Fry up the veggies with the spices.

Add the split peas and …

Canada's 150th Birthday in Charlottetown, PEI

Travel Diary
We didn't have a plan for where to be on Canada Day when we originally set off on our cross Canada road trip. As it worked out we found ourselves in Charlottetown PEI which happens to be a historically significant place for Canada's 150th birthday. Canada's 150th birthday is celebrating 150 years since Confederation. Charlottetown is where the whole Confederation deal was hammered out.
Anyway, Charlottetown had some celebrations going on including music and other Canada Day type celebrations. It's a pretty small city so even though it was busy for Canada Day it wasn't out of control crowded. 
It's easy to walk everywhere in the downtown area. PEI is not a big place and it was only a 30-minute drive to Charlottetown from our campsite. That is part of why we opted to stay there rather than a hostel or hotel in the city. Lots of parking was free in Charlottetown too but the trick was finding a space. We, of course, walked around the harbour area where…

Vegan Guide to Vancouver BC, Canada

Vancouver is the biggest city in British Columbia Canada. It's a city known for being on the west coast and surrounded by mountains.  There is a good number of vegan places to eat in Vancouver. The city is probably best known for Stanley Park, for hosting the 2010 Olympic games, and for being used as a filming location for a lot of hollywood movies.

Kouchibouguac and Kellys Beach

Travel Diary:
New Brunswick is a special place with lots of crazily named places like Kouchibouguac. We think it is pronounced Koo-Chee-Boo-Gwak. We still don't know for certain how to pronounce it but what a great place name and name for a national park. We were drawn in by the name and by the promise of an amazing beach. We made a quick stop at the visitor's centre to get an idea of what sort of camping was available in the park. They had a few different campgrounds to choose from. We went for one that was fairly close to the beach we'd been hearing about.
The bug situation was not amazing there. We were swatting mosquitoes like crazy but managed to have a good time anyway. We got our camp set up and cooked dinner. This is what our typical camp set up looks like when we are sleeping in the tent. The tent was useful for when the bugs were bad or when it got really hot, otherwise, we usually sleep in the SUV.

We had some sort of spicy rice and beans meal that we made with …

3rd Annual Dixie For RASTA Fundraiser!

We were sitting around wondering what to do and then we saw on Facebook that there was a fundraiser event for RASTA that had vegan food. RASTA is an animal sanctuary. It stands for Rescue And Sanctuary for Threatened Animals. It was the 3rd annual Dixie for Rasta Fundraiser. There was a Dixie style band playing the event called Free Radicals Dixie Band.
The event had burgers and dogs from Very Good Butchers which is a vegan place in Victoria. Plus there was a vegan bake sale with tons of goodies. The weather was a tiny bit snowy but we decided to go for it anyway and we were glad we did. Luckily we were able to borrow a car with winter tires. Make sure to check out the RASTA website and see what they are all about. We showed up to the event right on time because we didn't want to miss out on anything. The whole event is a fundraiser for RASTA because it can get expensive taking care of animals with all the feed and care they need. Right away we went for the…