Beaches, Beaches and more Beaches in PEI National Park

Travel Diary:
We started this journey on an island on the west coast of Canada and we made it to an island on the east coast of Canada. We were excited to be on Prince Edward Island and see what island life is like on the east coast of Canada. We crossed Confederation Bridge which is quite the long bridge. It is about a ten-minute drive on the bridge to get over to PEI. It's free to get over there but you have to pay to cross the bridge on the way back. You could also take the ferry over to PEI which how people had to do it before the bridge was built.
PEI is the Storybook Island because of Anne of Green Gables and  L.M. Montgomery.  L.M. Montgomery wrote the famous book about PEI and people visit the island to go to Green Gables. PEI is known for potatoes and it's red sand which is a result of the high iron content of the soil.
It's a really pleasant island to drive around and a great break from the traffic you find in big cities like Toronto and Montreal. It doesn't …