Best Places [Veganised] to Visit in Europe

Europe is an exciting continent to travel for vegan food. There are so many countries and cultures crammed together. They all have their own vegan scenes with unique food to offer and some international vegan food staples too. Many European countries are known for their meat and dairy-centric diets but nonetheless, there is much to be discovered throughout Europe in the way of vegan food. So go to Europe, see the amazing sights and enjoy the food. Here to help, these are some of our favourite places in Europe and a little advice on what to see and where to eat.

We spent around 5 days in Dublin and we fell in love with the place. The vegan scene seems to be pretty happening with events going on. Dublin has the best pubs and lots of live music. The atmosphere can't be beaten. When visiting we'd recommend checking out Cornucopia and getting the lunch special like we got in the picture below. It was reasonably priced and quite a substantial amount of food. It all fe…

Vegan Sushi 101

Welcome to the Wanderlust Vegans Kitchen! We will be providing you with simple, easy recipes for healthy meals on your travels.

Do you love to eat vegan sushi? Why not learn how it's done and make it at home. It's a hell of a lot cheaper than going out and then you can put whatever you want inside it instead of the usual veggie stuff. Unless you are lucky enough to live near a vegan sushi restaurant, like Sushi Momo in Montreal, then chances are your vegan sushi options are a little limited. What a great reason to Do It Yourself!

Today we will be making Vegan Sushi:

(Four Rolls)


1 Cup sushi rice
Nori seaweed sheets
1/2 cucumber
1/2 brick extra firm tofu

4 tbsp vegan mayo
1 tbsp sriracha
2 tbsp hoisin sauce
sesame seeds as desired


Cook sushi rice following directions on the package. You will have to chill the rice in the fridge before rolling.

Mix vegan mayo and sriracha sauce together in a bowl.

Slice cucumbers and tofu into long thin strips.

Cut nori …

In Awe of Niagara Falls, Ontario

Travel Diary
Our cross Canada Road trip hit an important moment. We made it to Niagara Falls. It's one of the main sites of Ontario and Canada. It's been on our bucket list forever. When we were in the UK people we met that had travelled to Canada would say, "Oh you're from Canada? I've been to Canada. I saw Toronto and Niagara Falls". We figure the hype can't be for nothing, Niagara Falls must be a worthwhile stop. All our fatigue and anxiety from the road trip disappeared the minute we made it to Niagara Falls. During some of the long drives and the grind of setting up and taking down camp, we had started questioning the decision to drive across Canada. We knew it was far but plenty of other people have done it so why not us? Seeing Niagara Falls made it clear that we made the right choice and the road trip was a good idea. We didn't know a lot about Niagara Falls the city. All we knew was that Niagara Falls is a gigantic waterfall. There are lots o…