Previously we wrote a post called VEGAN DELIGHTS OF BIRMINGHAM. We spent 2 years living there and got to know a lot of places to get vegan food. Birmingham is part of the West Midlands and there was a number of places we went to that didn't fit into a Birmingham post so we added them here. This shows that it isn't just London with all the vegan options. There are tons of places to eat in the West Midlands too.
Here are some picks categorized by vegan friendliness. :)
100% Vegan:

Be The Change: This all-vegan cafe in Worcester has lots of vegan comfort food. We've been there a few times and we'd recommend the dirty wedges and the desserts. We would recommend their sharing pizzas pictures below but we didn't see them listed on their menu online so they may or may not be available.

As One Vegan Lifestyle and Greens Vegan Catering: This is a good place for some inexpensive and vegan fast food in Stourport. They have Fry's vegan burgers, Fry's hotdogs, they have m…

Our Most Viewed Posts of All Time. 2018 Wrap Up.

Well, it has been quite the year. We shared with you our Best Vegan Food, our Best Memoriesand now we share our Most Viewed YouTube Videos and Blog Posts! We put together a post on all our most successful blog posts, travel diaries and Youtube video of all time. We have put out quite a few posts on this blog and some of our most successful posts are a bit of a surprise to us. Why these over the others? Whatever the reason, these posts have way more views than any of our others so this is probably our best work right here. We hope you enjoy these as much as we liked writing them.

Here are our most viewed blog posts and videos for 2018:

5 Helpful Guides and Tips:

1. This is our most popular blog post of all time. We think it has so many views because people are looking for help in planning their own road trips around Scotland. The Northcoast 500 road trip in Scotland is very popular as a bucket list trip. Here have a look at our post on Scotland: 9 Day Itinerary for Road Tripping Around …

Best Memories of Twenty Eighteen

The end of the year is often a busy time between working, visiting family, the Christmas season, shopping, cooking, and did I mention working? There is a lot going on and so when new years finally comes around it can be a bit difficult to remember all the other great stuff that happened throughout the year.

At the end of the year, we like to look back at our best memories and remind ourselves about all the positive experiences we have had and what we have to be grateful for.

Here's our story for 2018:

January: We learned that Las Vegas is surprisingly vegan-friendly thanks to blogger Vegans, Baby and we booked a last minute trip there to try out some of the vegan options in Sin City. We even made a handy vegan guide to Las Vegas!

February: We got a lot of blogging done and spent some time with family. We had a great meal at Sukkho Thai. We also starting planning for our summer holidays.

March: We got to try the much talked about Beyond Meat burger that reached Canada, at Coach and Ho…

New Years Resolution!

Happy New Year!

As we love ourselves a good 30-day challenge, for our New Years Resolution will be to do a 30-day challenge every month for the whole year!

We put them into a hat and are drawing at random each month. Our plan is to write a blog/video post about each challenge at the end to keep ourselves motivated to complete it. We have a mixture of easy challenges and hard challenges in hopes to keep us going.

Join along with us!

Here are the challenges we have come up with to do:

40 minute Yoga with Down Dog App No Added Sugars Write down one thing you love about yourself and/or significant other every day Take at least a 30-minute walk Learn another LanguageMeditateDrink 8 glasses of waterTry a new recipe each day - Plan ahead for mealsPlank/PushUP and SquatWrite a Novel (Complete 50,000 words)No Complaining Complete a projectLearn/Practice a Musical Instrument30 Days of C25KNo Social MediaZero Waste Jar ChallengeMinimalist Challenge'Ideal Me' - GoalsBloggingCleanish Eatin…

Best Vegan Food of 2018

Do you remember our post 'Best Vegan Food of 2017'? Do you remember how hungry it made you?! How you bought that one-way ticket to Europe to indulge in the delicious looking food we found? ... Do you have money saved up? Get your wallet ready, you just might buy a plane ticket to get your hands on some of this delicious food this year!

*Warning, do not view this blog post on an empty stomach!*

Now that you have all been warned, prepare yourself for some amazing looking food that we found on our travels in 2018.

Here we will sort our favourite food of the year by country.

For Veganuary this year, Las Vegas had a huge Veganuary event on put on by "Vegans, Baby" were many restaurants had specials on vegan food. We decided to jump on a plane and join in on the fun. Our favourite place we had the pleasure of eating at was Flippin' Good Burgers. They had the most amazing 'Chi'kin burger that we have ever had! We will definitely go back to Las Vegas and ge…

Easy Meal Ideas - Introduction to the Series and a simple, healthy Oatmeal recipe.

A question we often get asked, as vegans, is "what do you eat?" There are tons of vegan options out there these days. The food choices we make are influenced by trying to save money and also wanting to eat healthier. We don't always succeed but we try our best. 
We tend to build most of our meals throughout the week around a few different ideas. For breakfast we eat oatmeal, cereal, make a smoothie, or we make a vegan full English breakfast on special occasions. Lunch we tend to eat sandwiches, dinner leftovers, whatever is available near work, or a variety of snack foods. Dinner we like to make a stir-fry (especially peanut sauce), Indian curry, veggie stews, chilli, burritos, pasta, and sushi.

To start off this series here is our simple oatmeal recipe:
1/2 cup one-minute oats 1/4 tsp cinnamon 1 banana 1/4 cup cranberry raisins 1 tbsp chopped walnuts
We put half a cup of quick oats in a bowl, sprinkle cinnamon on top, add half a banana or a full banana, add a quarter c…

Paris Travel Tips: Advanced Online Tickets

Paris is crawling with tourists. Especially in the summer.
During peak times Paris can become very busy. It is one of the most visited cities in the world and visiting any of Paris's major tourist attractions can involve waiting in ticket lines. Luckily there is a solution. If you only have a limited time to visit, you need to plan ahead. There are a number of different tourist attractions you can visit that allows you to purchase tickets online and cut down on your wait time. Is it really necessary? Isn't it more fun to be spontaneous? It depends on how lucky you are with lines.
We don't like to plan ahead and sometimes it doesn't work out.
As usual, we didn't do a lot of planning before we went on our holiday. We had a rough idea about some of the stuff we wanted to see but we mostly planned to just wing it when we got there. This is not for everyone. We had a great time visiting Paris since our enjoyment didn't depend on seeing all the biggest tourist sights …