A Visit to South Yorkshire and East Midlands.

We had a little bit of a change of plans when we left Durham. We were headed to Lincoln, but unfortunately our friends we were due to visit were very sick with the flu. We didn't really want to catch the flu before a 15 hour flight back to Canada! We had already bought our non refundable train ticket, so we had to figure out where we could go that would allow us to use at least part of our train ticket. We had a train switch in Doncaster, and googled searched around that station for places to go. As I zoomed out I saw a star on my maps. CARLA'S HOUSE! We didn't really remember where in England she had lived. (We had been before, but didn't pay attention to where we were actually going.) It is easy to just hop on a train and not really know where you are going. We made our way to Carla's house for a much needed visit. First though, we needed to take a selfie with her... 

How we Visited NINETEEN Different Countries in Two Years

For a long time we wanted to travel but just never got around to doing it. Both of us have always had pretty entry level jobs that don't pay that well. Nevertheless, we decided to find a way to do what we want. We made it work and now we've travel to more countries than we ever expected a couple years ago. Here's how we did it.

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